Is the Internet making us stupid?

Say, Mean, Matter


  1. Skimming is becoming our dominant mode of thoughts.
  2. People who multitask are "less creative and less productive" than those who do not.
  3. Multitasking is taking away the ability to retain information for a long time.
  4. Alteration shapes the way we think even when we are not using the technology
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  1. Is skimming a good or bad thing?
  2. How does multitasking do this? If we are multitasking aren't we getting more done? What relationship does multitasking have with creativity?
  3. How does he know that the need to multitask is a product of too much Internet?
  4. After this statement he later goes on to say the long-term effect on the quality of our intellectual lives could be "deadly", how so?
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  1. Multitasking for too long can make you lose focus on something important you actually want to focus on.
  2. Carr states that multitasking is harmful to our brains, and the Internet heavily provokes it. We spend a lot of time jumping back and forth between information that we focus less on quality and more on finishing and knowing the answers to more things. In result we end up knowing less, because we do not put effort into what we are doing and learning.
  3. Our need to multitask changes our way of being able to perform to the best of our ability.
  4. It matters to many of us because we need our unconscious and conscious mind sets to survive. Although multitasking does help us problem solve.
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Jasmine Villatoro, Sienna Lujan, Patricia Carrillo, Jacqueline Amarante