BJ Frasier

This book called A Mango-shaped space is a great book to read who ever has synaesthesia. Ill recommend this to people who struggle with this kind of disease. It will help you feel better about yourselves and make you learn something to solve this problem. You will find things that makes you happy and want to recommend it to others. This book is a really good to read and shows that how the character be going through what you go through.

Synaesthesia is a condition where the stimulation of one senses may elicit the activation of other senses.

Music can be colored, letters and numbers have genders, personalities and shapes may have taste.

Synaesthesia increased and a ot of empirical research was conducted to find out more about this truly fascinating issue.

Brain anatomy of synaesthetes may slightly differ from people without synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia is also found in arts, literature and reports of drugs experiences like L.S.D consumption.

Synaesthetic perception is considered:

a) Stable over time

b) Individually different

c) Can be remembered further is suppose that synaesthesia

d) seems to be normal for synaesthetes

e) Cannot be learned