Miss Martinez's Firsties

Saint Helena

A Note From Miss Martinez

I want to give a big shout out to the many parents who volunteered to do prep work for our class at home! You have been a life saver. If you would like to volunteer to do prep work at home, please click the link below!

Upcoming Events

October 16: Cynthia's Birthday

October 19: Hannah's Birthday
October 19: Conferences 8:00am-7:00pm
October 19-21: No School

October 25: Field Trip to Arboretum

October 31: Halloween Party 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Class Readers

Between last week and this week we have had three students earn the opportunity to be class readers.


We continued our narrative writing unit. This week we practiced stretching out big words. We also practiced making our stories come alive. We make stories come alive by drawing pictures that make you feel like you are in the story or using strong detailed words.

Memory & Pattern Words For Next Week

Due to the short week we will not have a spelling test.

Family Photos

We would love to see your family represented in our classroom. Please send a family photo and we will hang it on our bulletin board in our classroom.


Check out our class website- http://martinezsainthelena.weebly.com/


Monday- PE & Spanish

Tuesday- PE & Technology

Wednesday- Music & PE

Thursday- Music & Technology

Friday- Library & PE

Reading Log

Each month I will send home a reading log. Please read with your first grader each night. They can color an apple for each night they read- if you know you will not be able to read on a certain night and would like to read extra on another night you may do so at your discretion. The purpose of the reading log is to encourage a love of reading, not to make reading a burden. Students who return a completed reading log will earn a prize at the end of each week. If you need more books to read- please let me know.
If you would prefer to get a printed version of this newsletter, please let me know!