Ladybug Update

October 11 & 13, 2016

A Peek at Our Week

Tuesday was green day! Annabella was a special STAR OF THE WEEK and we enjoyed learning about her, her family and her favorite things.

During our learning time, we practiced our cutting skills. I encourage you to allow your child to have assisted scissors time at home. Paint samples from a home improvement store are a great thing for little hands to cut. They are thick enough to easily hold and small enough that little hands don't have to make too many cuts to feel successful.

After reading, Go Away Big Green Monster and learning how to tell things that scare us to GO AWAY, we mixed the colors yellow and blue with finger paints and created green monsters. Later in the morning, we read the book, Mix It Up which continued our lesson about mixing colors. The students LOVED this interactive book.

Ask about our "Letter/Number Monster" that likes to eat letters and numbers for it's lunch. :) It is a monster that hangs in front of the class and together we say, "Letter monster, letter monster. Munch. Munch. Munch. What letter is for your lunch?" A student chooses a letter (or number), which we all identify together and the child gets to "feed" it to the monster.

Finally, we enjoyed creating Floam Monsters by adding feathers, monster teeth, pipe cleaners and spiders to create silly monster faces. This was a great opportunity to strengthen our fine motor muscles.

Today, we wore and learned about the color purple. After reading the story, Bear Sees Colors, we put together color puzzles and used our fine motor skills to string cut up straw pieces to make purple necklaces. Stringing is an important fine motor skill for your preschooler to work on. With Miss RaNae, the students used corks to paint with purple paint on purple paper. They are working hard to learn to independently put on (and take off) paint shirts. This is a tricky skill for some!

Parent Participation Day - Thursday, October 27

You're invited to join us on Thursday, October 27 for Parent Participation Day. Come back to school for the last hour from 10:30-11:30 and together, we will do projects and get to know the families and students in the Ladybug Room. This is a great opportunity to get to know your child's new friends and to explore the favorite areas of your child's classroom.

Conference Forms Sent Home Today

Thanks for looking for the purple conference form, which was sent home today. Please return it with 2 choices for preferred conference times. Fall conferences are a great opportunity for you and I to visit about your child and discuss how they are adjusting to preschool. We will discuss what they think about school and any goals that you have for them during the upcoming school year. I look forward to visiting with you!

Your child is welcome to attend conferences with you. I'll have books for children to read and an iPad turned on with learning games, during our 15 minutes to discuss your special Ladybug.

Days of the Week Song by Dr. Jean

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Jinglebell Bees

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