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Media Literacy

Media is a term that refers to the means of mass communication such as television and newspapers. Media is also the plural version of medium, which refers to the material through which another is transmitted. To be media literate simply means to communicate to people through writing so they can read it. So if there was a major storm or natural disaster somewhere in the world and I published an article about it that would be considered media literacy. In that position I would be communicating to the world about the natural disaster through writing so people can read it. There are more advantages of the media than disadvantages. I mean you cannot imagine a world without media. It educates you about many things, which may of concern to you. I agree that sometimes the media covers stories, which are nothing, but rubbish for example what's happening in the life of a soap star or what will be the next move of a famous vamp of a famous daily soap. But above all it keeps you abreast with all the happenings in the world, society. I think it may interest you to know that now all news channels will be under scanner by a committee newly organized to keep an eye on the content of the news shown and if you find something objectionable or something that you feel is not right you can write a written complaint against the concerned news channel to this committee. But you'll have to prove it your way that the "news" isn't right or whatever or else you'll be fined. On the contrary if you prove your point the channel will be liable for punishment, which will be according to the committee’s guidelines. Although it doesn't seem that easy but this small move by the media itself will surely turn out to be a stepping stone to what I call real, Genuine coverage of stories.

Alaye Hanson

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Maserati Precis

Maserati's commercial "Now We Strike" (2014) introducing the contemporary Ghibli, states "... We have prepared. Now we strike." implying that they have been waiting for all of their other major competitors to be caught off-guard. Maserati supports their commercial by describing their company as the underdog waiting to strike with something new. Maserati's main purpose was to gain the appeal of the people while describing the other companies as if they were villains who needed to be taken down. Maserati presents the commercial in an informal tone for the audience to be fascinated with.
Maserati Super Bowl Commercial 2014 HD

Church Pastors Making a Huge Impact on World

Lawrence Byrd III, Citizen

Tuesday March 10, 2014

FULTON CO. GA- Creflo Dollar, Pastor of World Changers Church, has made a huge impact of the well being of local charities and the less fortunate. It has always been a costume of pastors around the world to take the tides and offering of the people to help pay for the church expenses and helping the community.

Recent studies show that the unemployment rate in America has dropped .001% and there are approximately 10 less homeless people on the street in the city of Atlanta. Before the world-renowned pastor got in his chauffeur Bentley to go home to his mansion home, I asked him “How could one have a impact on our world like he has?” and my question was answered with no response and myself being ignored.