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  • Leprosy was mentioned as a curse in 1250 B.C and was mentioned by Egyptian legend's. Then 600 B.C was the 1st written documentation in China, Egypt, India. Next in the 1940's they developed and used drugs to slow the disease, by 1960's multidrug therapy was used to treat the disease.


  • leprosy is chronic infectious disease
  • IT effects the skin, peripheral nerves, Mucosa of the upper respiratory and also the eyes.
  • Those with leprosy were presented to priest and found guilty- creation of leper colonies.


  • The symptoms of leprosy is severe pain, nose bleeds, stuffy nose, numbness, paralysis, muscle weakness, and ukers on the soles of the feet.


  • The disease is transmitted airborne and sharing bodily fluids


  • The disease is diagnosed by multidrug therapy, antibiotics, physical exam and lab tests

treatment/ prevention

  • The disease is treated by combination of antibiotics and MDT (multidrug therapy) and there is no vaccine for leprosy today.
Leprosy Facts: Ancient Disease Still In Our Midst