Lynx population is decreasing

By: Grant Parr

The lynx is an endangered species. in the picture to the right, it states that in 1960 the population was up to 6,000 lynxes but as it got up to about 1,200 lynxes in 1988 which is a big drop for 28 years. And up to 2009 there was a decrease an up to now there are very few lynxes in the U.S and it is very rare now a days to see one of them

How it happened and how to stop it

The animal species the lynx is disappearing because of hunting. Every year the hunters see lynxes and want to hunt them so they can have them as decorations, but since they are doing it we are losing our lynxes. To stop it, all we need is one person to call off hunting for all of the lynxes. People believe that there should be a fine if people would kill the animals. So many people don't care about the lynxes but they are very important to the world.