Lion's Roar

December 11 ,2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

This time of year can be hard for some and a joyous time for others! It's a time for giving, sharing, laughing, and enjoying the moments that make memories. Each of you are so special to me and I want you to know how blessed I consider myself to be part of your journey at W.T. Enjoy this holiday season!

Upcoming Dates @ W.T.

  • Mon. Dec. 14th
  • Staff Meeting- CAST presenters(Marichal,Camacho&Newman) & Sheila Juarez in Cafe
  • PTA Meeting 6pm 5th grade performs Jingle Bell Juxebox-Chick Fil-a sold 5:30pm
  • Tues. Dec. 15th
  • Choir Tour
  • Good News Christmas Party K-5th 3:45pm in Cafe
  • Wed. Dec.16th
  • PJ Day @ W.T. for Kindness Elf Project
  • Progress Reports
  • 3:45pm Cafe Monitor EA Meeting
  • 6pm Movie Night
  • Thurs. Dec. 17th
  • Choir Sing-a-long
  • Kinder class Christmas parties 11-12:30pm
  • Half Day/Ugly Sweater Day
  • Frescos 1:30-3:30(white elephant gift for those wanting to play)
  • Fri. Dec. 18th
  • 1st-5th Class Christmas parties 11-12:30pm
  • 2pm Paint with a Twist-Keller
  • Thurs. Dec. 31st- GT training deadline
  • Wed. Jan 6th
  • Campus Walk Through by Clark, Smith, & Holland
  • Sonic Day
  • Coaches Here
  • Sam Rayburn Day
  • Fri. Jan. 8th
  • 5th grade Middle School Field Trip-HMS

W.T. Information

Be prepared:

Be able to log into Google classroom and bring your I-pad for Monday's Staff meeting. Every staff member will need to be present and with their I-pad.

Be Normal:

With the holiday break coming it's important to keep our student's routines at school as normal as possible. As soon as we give them an inch they will take a mile. Keep your discipline plan and instruction as tight as normal to help our Lions stay structured and knowing their expectations. Also, remember to be at your daily duty spot on time and teachers at your doors ready for the day to greet our Lions. Safety and supervision is our most important job and ya'll do it so well!

Be Informed:

On half days specials will still occur and interventionist will still pull students. Schedules will be sent out for these as soon as Mrs. Newland works with these two teaching groups to get their schedules.

No Chick Fil A orders this week.

Be Festive:

We Will be at Fresca's on 377 on Dec.17th from 1:30-3:30 pm. Please bring a $10 white elephant gift (this means something silly, ugly or it can be a hideous re-gifted item). Please do not make this a cute or serious gift it will take all of the fun and laughter out of this hilarious activity- No pressure! Lunch at Fresco's will be on your own.

Be Safe:

Construction on our new fence has begun so you will be seeing that around the perimeter of our building. I do need your feedback on where to place the lock to come in and out as the fence gets put in. Do we want it by the staff parking lot or elsewhere? Suggestions please?

Remember that classroom doors must remained locked at all times during the school day.


  • Social Committee for a great 1st week of the 12 days of Christmas at W.T.
  • Mrs. Walker's son graduates from college this weekend!
  • Mrs. Becky Jones graduated today!
  • Kinder team for a lovely shower for our newest Lion, Caitlyn!


  • Wolfe's dog has been ill but on the mend:)
  • All the families that are in need this holiday season that we need to think of and pray for. Count your blessings!!!
  • Gretchen Merritt, our Diagnostician is on leave and Grisel Camacho has been on campus filling in for her. Give her a Lion welcome!

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