SnapChat in the Business World

Alexis, Sarah, Abigail, Laken


Snapchat is a social media that focuses on pictures. Snapchat allows you to send a picture for ten seconds or less with one line of text. You can draw or change the picture from black and white, sepia, negative, and orignal. Surprisingly, this social media app is useful to a lot of companies.

Snapchat Policies:

At snapchat, they temporarily collect your photos on their server until the recipient has viewed it. After that, they delete it from their server. They also collect any information you give them when you sign up for Snapchat.


Consequences aren't necessarily from the company if you send a "bad" or "inapropriate" picture. Recipients have the ability to save the picture you send them. If you don't want them to have it permanently, it is better if you don't send it at all.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One advantage to using this simple social media app for your business is quick advertising. It lets you send out a quick message about a sale, new product, and any other urgent messages that you might need to send out to your customers and/or employees.

Disadvantages to this social media are that you can only send a short line of text for a message. The fact that you can only send a picture for ten seconds or less can cause confusion for some customers and/or employees. If you have a lot to say, and a short time to say it, confusion is inevitable.

Another, technology is not always reliable. Glitches happen.

How Businesses Uses It:

16 Handles is a popular Fro - Yo company mainly in New York. If you visit and order from 16 Handles from January 1st - 4th, or the 7th - 11th, you can take a picture of you or your friends tasting their frozen yogurt. Send it to their user name, and they will send you back a coupon. Here's the catch, you have to wait until you check out the next time you eat there to open your snap. You show the cashier your snap, and you will either get 16%, 50%, or 100% off your purchase!