Grewenow Gazette

Vol 3.10

Memorial Day Weekend

Grewenow. We are Great; we are Growing!

General Announcements

We miss you!

The BUILDING is closed but SCHOOL is NOT over, and students, staff, and families are not currently permitted into any school buildings...HOWEVER, there is still plenty of learning and fun taking place via the Grewenow online learning webpage and grade level Google Classrooms!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Selleheim at 262-359-6251 or

Student Item Pick-Up: Tuesday, May 26, from 11:00AM to 6:00 PM

5 days from now OR Tuesday, May 26, is our student materials pick up from 11:00AM to 6:00 PM at Grewenow. Families should also plan to drop off any and ALL school issued materials you may have at home: Grade 5 students safety patrol belts, library books, text books, etc (NOT CHROMEBOOKS). Please follow the next steps in order to receive your student belongings and return any school materials you may have at home:

  1. Prior to leaving your home, please bag all book/library materials and place them the trunk or passenger side backseat of your vehicle
  2. Upon arrival, pull into the parking lot and proceed to the back of the school following the cones and signs to Door 11.
  3. Hold a piece of paper with dark large marker a sign that shows: Family’s Last Name, Children's names, Grade Level(s)
  4. At the front of the line, please open the trunk or indicate for us to use the back seat for item placement of your vehicle
  5. A staff member will retrieve student belongings, and remove the school issued materials.
  6. Pull away and have a safe rest of the day.

We promise to get to each and every family as quickly as possible. Be calm, be kind, and be patient while waiting in your car in line. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Virtual Summer School

Greetings Grewenow Families,

We are excited to share that we will be hosting Virtual Summer School this summer for all students entering grades 1 through 5. Students will have live or recorded instruction in Literacy and Math using specialized Summer School Curriculum that is engaging & personalized for your student. In addition, classes will meet with their assigned summer school homeroom teacher daily for additional group activities. The bulk of summer school instruction will take place Mondays – Thursdays from June 22 – July 23 with Fridays reserved for teachers to schedule virtual appointments with individual students and small groups.

As in past years, we will be partnering with Vernon & Southport Elementary schools. Registration is open now at this link (be sure to click on the Grewenow, Southport, Venon site) and you may register now through June 1 to reserve your student’s spot. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me at 262-359-6251 / I hope your student(s) will be able to join us this summer - I recommend this unique opportunity for all students entering grade 1-5 - and I wish you all a great evening. Take Care!

School Yearbooks

If you did not order school pictures for your child or a yearbook earlier this year, you can order one now, on a first come first serve basis, using the following directions:

Click here to preview the yearbook landing page:

- Login with your email address.
- Use the drop-down selection to find the school code significant to your school.

- Grewenow Elementary yearbook code: 7296

-If school code is unavailable or if you have any questions, please contact Scholastic Reflections (not the Grewenow Office) at

Important Yearbook Information

Families, if your child's yearbook is not in their belongings on the 26th and you ordered it online, you will receive the yearbook in the mail from Scholastic reflections, not Grewenow Elementary.

Curbside Pickup Details:

  • Curbside pickups will will take place at the Southwest Library - 7979 38th Avenue.
  • Staff will call you to arrange a pickup time as your holds become available.
  • Pickups will be scheduled Tuesday - Saturday between the hours of 9 - 11 am and 12 - 2 pm.
  • Holds are temporarily restricted while we work on returning to full service. Please call one of the phone numbers above or email sends e-mail) to place holds.
  • Park by the Curbside Pickup sign and call the number listed to let us know you are here. Bring an ID with you so we can make sure you take home the right items.
  • Per the Safer at Home Order, we are still unable to take returns. Please continue to hold on to your materials until we reopen.

SC Johnson Kaleidoscope Education Series

SC Johnson Kaleidoscope Education Series is excited to announce KES Online! These programs provide fun, educational lessons for students to watch on their own, with siblings or with the whole family.

Three videos are posted on SCJ’s YouTube channel which you’ll find on the KES page on our website –

These programs will remain up into June:

The Paper Airplane Guy: World record holder John Collins uses paper airplanes to demonstrate aerodynamic principals in this science program for the whole family. Two lessons are offered.

Magic… Or Science! Chicago magician Scott Green will show the audience a series of demonstrations and will then explain the principle behind each science ‘trick’ while teaching students about the Scientific Method and more.

School Counseling Page

We encourage you to check out Ms. Gregory's Facebook page (A counseling resource recommended by our Social Workher, Mrs. Wideman) for information and activities to help promote the practice of self-care for children.

Early Education

This week we will be continuing our unit on insects by concentrating on butterflies! We will learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and the parts of a butterfly that make it unique! Here are a few of the activities from this study:

1. Learn how to draw a butterfly using these steps!

2. Listen to the story, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", by Eric Carle. Next, see if you can retell the story to someone in your family, using these pictures as a guide!
Big picture
Big picture


On Tuesday, May 19th the Kindergarten & K/1 held a Story Jam! Students made epic forts and parents/teachers read different books to them via virtually.

Grade 1

Wednesday, May 20th, Mrs. Wells' class participated in a Riddle Scavenger Hunt.
Students had to read a riddle, figure out the answer, find the item in their home and then bring it back to the screen! Lots of fun was had!

Big picture
Big picture

Grade 2

Thursday's math assignment- Math in Our World: Dominoes

Dominoes are fun to play with. These friends started making a line of dominoes. After they lined them all up, they toppled them over!

Look carefully at the picture.

(Record your answers here, have a grown up take a picture and upload it into this assignment, or email it to your teacher.)

Sample math words: half, halves, alike, different, add, subtract, multiply, count, equal, sets, sort, group, pink, black, blue yellow, green, black

A. What do you notice?

B. What do you wonder?

C. Can you show any math facts or equations to go with the picture?

D. Show how the dominoes are related using pictures, models, or numbers.

Grade 3

Here are some examples of that 3rd grade has been working on this week.
Big picture

Grade 4

Students have been working on their vocabulary this week with Vocabulary Builders.

Here is an example of one of their assignments.


  1. Write down the vocabulary words below on a piece of paper or spiral notebook.

  2. Put the definition next to each word listed.

  3. Record any extra synonyms or antonyms for each word.

  4. Draw a picture (optional).

Week 5 Words:

  1. memento - something that is worth keeping. save (s) junk (a)

  2. lucrative - producing wealth. profitable (s) costly (a)

  3. impartial - treating all equally. fair (s) unfair (a)

  4. scatter - to cause to separate wildly. fling (s) collect (a)

  5. dingy - not fresh or clean. grimy (s) fresh (a)

Spelling City

  1. Go to your classlink and select spelling City. (you may have to scroll down)

  2. Username is your student id# / password is dragons1

  3. Need to make sure you are under lrabenhorst for the teacher.

  4. Go to the assignment tab on the home page.

  5. Select “Vocabulary Builders 4:Week 5” and complete a few activities each day.

  6. Make sure by Friday, May 22nd, all activities are done including the test.

  7. If you are having trouble getting in, please let me know.

Wow Word of the Week:

Infinite -

  1. Prefix -in - not

Root word -fin- limit


This week, 5th graders will explore NASA through 2 virtual field trips: the Kennedy Space Center in Florida & the Johnson Space Center in Texas. They will learn about the space program & the past, present & future of space exploration.

Tech Tip from Mrs. Beecher (Student support)

Mrs. Beecher provided this link to our students to help them use the select-to-speak on their Chromebooks.

More Information: Grewenow Teacher Webpages

This link will take you to classroom webpages where our teachers post classroom resources and newsletters.

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