Lincoln Agenda

December 14-18, 2015

What's Happening....

Library - Week A (See email from Debra.)


Monday, December 14

8:05 Meeting - RTI Protocols, in the Library, K-5 Teachers

Grades K, 1, 2 Data Talks during Plan Time

Melissa out today - See Christina if you need anything.

Tuesday, December 15

3rd Grade Mapping with Mary

8:05 Staff Meeting, Library

9:00-11:00 Christina at HC for Counselor Meeting

1st Grade Gingerbread Man on the Loose - time?

Wednesday December 16

8:05 - One School One Book meeting in Marcie's room

9:30 - Melissa meeting with Mary & Deb

Thursday, Dec.17

8:05 Grade Level Chairs Meet w Melissa

8:30 Case Conference - Melissa, Ashleigh, Britni

Grade 2 Winter Party

3:45 Case Conference - Melissa, Ashleigh, Jenny

Friday, Dec. 18

8:00 Staff Pancake Breakfast provided by Horace Mann

Staff Ugly Sweater Day

Grades K, 1, 3, 4, 5 Winter Parties

Grade 2 Winter Wonderland

2:45 Sing Along


6:30-2:00 M,T,W of each week.

Coming Up..

1/4/16-School Resumes

1/4/16-Cedar Lake Library coming to do readathon presentations

1/6/16-Fire Drill @ 9:30

1/7/16-Yearbook Photo Day (Groups and Candids) Schedule to be distributed

Kindergarten Benchmarks due Dec. 18

January 4-14 Benchmark Testing (Tier 2 & 3 students)

January 11-February 26 WIDA Assessment

January 19-29 STAR 360 Testing

Monthly Meeting Schedule:


Thank you!

Thank you to our Holiday Party planning people! Your hard work was very evident, from the decor, to the games, to the menu!


Thank you for being present in the halls before and after school. This is important year round, but behaviors can be amplified as we close in on Winter Break. (UPDATE -They are definitely amplified! Please be especially diligent with supervision and reinforcing the positive behaviors.)

Sing Along

On Friday, December 18, we will have our Lincoln Sing Along at 2:45. However, to avoid confusion, we will not dismiss straight from the gym as we did last year. Students will go back to their classrooms to get their backpacks and coats, so they will need to be packed up and ready to go home before the Sing Along. If you have thoughts, please let Jackie or Melissa know. Thank you!

Pop-In Observations

  • I will not be popping in to classrooms this week. I am just giving you a heads up!
  • Please remember that you are welcome to invite me to come in to your room for a short observation.
  • If invited, as long as my schedule allows and there is not a time sensitive issue, I will be there.
  • If you would like to meet with me following the observation or at any other time, please let me know.
  • Any questions, please ask.

Parties and Events

Please be sure the office staff knows of ALL visitors coming to your classroom as well the schedule.

Please be sure that parents who are volunteering are on the approved volunteer list.

Remind parents that treats must be store bought. Keep allergies in mind and be attentive.

PLEASE reinforce that if parents are taking kids home with them at the end of the day, they need to turn in a gold note before noon. If they leave early, it will be documented as an early dismissal.