Lake Compounce

Bristol, CT

Field Trip to Lake Compounce

Friday, June 6th, 8am-5pm

Lake Compounce, Lake Avenue, Bristol, CT, United States

Bristol, CT

Lake Compounce is 51.5 miles away from WMS and it takes around an hour and a half to go from WMS to Lake Compounce one way. (Including extra time for traffic) The round trip distance would be 103 miles and the round trip time would be about three hours including traffic.

The Destination

  • Some of the biggest attractions in CT
  • Oldest, continuously-operating amusement park in North America
  • Students chose this destination over the Bronx Zoo and the Museum of Natural History
  • Can buy lunch from the Crock Pot Cafeteria, The Potato Patch, Harborside Pizza, the Pizza Place, and many more restaurants and food stands
  • Free soda and water is provided the whole day


  • Education Days
  • A great learning experience
  • Team building
  • Doubles as educational field trip and a fun field day trip


  • Leave WMS at 8AM on June 6th
  • Get to Lake Compounce around 9:30 AM
  • Enter the park at around 10:00 AM
  • Students will go on rides in pre-organized groups
  • Students will also work on the education program throughout the day
  • Bring or purchase lunch*
  • Eat lunch at 12 PM in designated, pre-determined areas
  • Go back out to rides and working on education programs
  • Leave Lake Compounce around 3:30
  • Get back around 5 PM
*Students must bring their own money to purchase lunch, it's not included in the field trip price

The Cost

  • ($15.50a+$1,000b)/s=c
  • a= number of people going
  • b= number of buses needed
  • c= total cost
  • s= the number of students
  • The cost that each student would have to pay would be $44
  • Students must bring an extra $8-$10 to buy lunch in the park
  • There is free bus parking


All information, photos, and videos are from Only the map image is from Google Maps.