PCC Final Project


Being a journalist can be a very fun and high paced job. Journalism requires you to present the news in an informative, ethical, and un-biased way. Journalists are to interview people, be informed of current events, and work long hours. This career is often stressful, but seeing your published work is a great feeling.
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Salary and Benefits

The field of journalism does not pay very well, but can be very rewarding. The median salary of a journalist in 2012 was $35,600. Some benefits of being a journalist is traveling. Going to new and exciting places to do reporting would be fun. Also, being able to write creatively to fill up space in a newspaper would be interesting!

Job Outlook

The job outlook for journalism is low, but the passion runs deep! As of 2012, the job market for journalism is expected to drop 12%. Keep in mind getting a career in this field may not be competitive, but the financial pay off isn't too grand.

Educational Requirements

Being a journalist will require at least a bachelor's degree in a field closely related like broadcasting or communications. Courses that should be taken would be feature writing, journalistic ethics, photojournalism, and web design.

Work Environment

In journalism, you can expect a very rushed and time sensitive environment. You can expect to work in large metropolitan areas. Everyone will always be in mad dash to get the latest story.
Who I Admire...

A woman I admire in the journalism world

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