Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Friday, March 13, 2015 - General News

I hope you are enjoying our Spring weather!

Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day - please have your child wear green. We are trying to get 100% participation in our classroom!

If you haven't done so already, please fill out the 5Essentials survey! https://survey.5-essentials.org/Illinois/ . The survey closes on March 20th! Thank you for your support!!

Homework for the week of 3/16/15

Monday - Yogurt Shop/Counting Coins, Spelling list 23 goes home for test on Friday ; Tuesday - Bread Apart pg. 105-106; Wednesday - pg. 113-114; Thursday - On The Fair

Please check out the following links to see what's being used in second grade. Remember that Edline can give you a enormous amount of information, including units we are working on as well has homework sheets.




Next week:





*Wear green for St. Patrick's Day!


P.E. and Music




Library & Music

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Writing: For Writing this past week the students worked on finishing their president biography final drafts. Also, the students wrote an opinion piece on their favorite cookie.


During Reading this week, we discussed main idea and details with informational texts.

Our guided reading groups continue to explore presidents as they work on their biographies. We focused on asking questions about the texts we are reading.

Word Study:

This week in word study, we concentrated on double consonants with a short vowel and adding suffixes. for example: to add the suffixes er or ing to the word run, one has to add another n and then the suffix. run, running, runner

Social Studies/Science

This week in Science we began learning about the water cycle. In this unit, the students will be learning about the stages of the water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and accumulation.


This week in Math we began Unit 7. The graded tests were sent home today. Unit 7 will include more addition and subtraction, as well as story problems and money.

Many students have been motivated to have more math fact practice. For those students that have asked or may need additional support, Otter Creek practice sheets have been sent home with a page protector cover. These sheets are for practice with a dry erase marker. Have your child practice one minute timings using the bottom portion of the sheet. The top portion is for practice. If you would like practice sheets for your child, please email me and I will be glad to send the sheets.

Second Step

This week in Second Step we learned what strategies we may use for managing anxious feelings. We also reviewed using our self-talk, being compassionate friends and being empathetic.

Spelling List 23







Taryn: " I learned how to use a parachute in the gym."

Tess: " I learned the water cycle"

Luke: "I learned about condensation and that salt water is bad for people."

Dayejawone: "I learned about water."

Asia: "I learned about Mount Rushmore and adding doubles plus 1."

Kaydence: "I learned about contractions and how the water cycle works."

John: "I learned about science and water."

Tyler: "I learned 7 + 10 - 1 = 16 (instead of adding 7+9). Also, why don't penguins fly?"

Shirat: "I learned about contractions, condensation, evaporation, collection, accumulation."
Samantha: "I learned about the water cycle."

Maya: "I want to know more about water."

Kyle: "I learned about the water cycle."

Adam: "I learned 22 + 10." (two digit addition)

Victoria: "I learned about the water cycle."

Draven: "I learned about water."

Ryann: "I learned about the water cycle."

Joshua: "I learned about water."

Justin: "I learned 200-0=200 and 200+0=200."

Nigel: "I want to learn more about the water cycle."

Luis: "I learned about condensation, Mount Rushmore, and spelling words."

Joel: "90+0=90, 0+90=90, 90-0=90"

Julian: "I learned about borrowing from the 100's column, Mount Rushmore and that water never ends."