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Fall Reading Challenge Instructions

Fall reading challenge: Read a book of your choice. (You might take a look at some of the books in the Virtual Library). Then, create a book review with Flipgrid that is 120 seconds or less and upload the review in Flipgrid.

We want you to convince other readers to select your book. So, give the title, author, a brief summary, and your own rating of the book (1-5 stars). The more convincing and creative you are, the more likely your classmates will be to follow your lead and read the book!

**It is expected that students will use appropriate digital citizenship skills when posting their book reviews to Flipgrid. The Flipgrid boards will be monitored by DeISD Flipgrid Administrators.

Need to Find a Good Book?

Be sure to check out DESTINY and your campus VIRTUAL Library.

If you need assistance finding your Virtual Library and using Destiny, take a look at the following link.

Virtual Libraries & Destiny for Middle and High School


Flipgrid can be used on most computers and devices.

Students, you can reply to Flipgrid Topics on just about any device that has a camera built into it. This includes iPads, Android tablets, phones, Chromebooks, Windows computers, and Mac computers.


Students: Getting Started with Flipgrid


We recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for the best web experience. For easy access to Flipgrid, download the Flipgrid extension. On mobile devices, download the free Flipgrid app for iOS and Android devices.


Get to your discussion by using the link or code provided by your District Librarian in step 1.

Your District Librarian has given you two ways to join the right discussion:

You’ll see a prompt to log in. Log in with your district's Microsoft email information. Enter your username or password. If your student Username or Password is not working, be sure to double-check the case and space sensitivity.


Once you’ve joined, you’ll see your educator’s Topic, or discussion prompt. Follow the instructions and when you’re ready to record, click the red Record a Response button or the Flipgrid logo for the camera to start.

When you're in the Flipgrid camera, you can record a video in these 4 easy steps:

Tap to record - Tap the record button on the bottom to start. Add fun stickers, filters, text, and more. Tap the arrow on the bottom right to advance.

Review your video - Trim, split, rearrange, or add more. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.

Take a selfie - The selfie will be the cover image for your video. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.

Submit your video - Edit your name, add a title, or attach a link. Then submit!

The Flipgrid camera offers a lot of fun and creative ways for you to share your ideas and voice! Check out all the camera features here, learn how to import a custom video or how to include a screen recording.