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Welcome to My Big Brother Updates

Welcome back, friends! It is nearly time for Big Brother as we’re just two days away from BB15′s premiere and we are thrilled for you to join us here at My Big Brother Updates for another incredible summer. With everything getting cranked back up for the new season I wanted to give you a rundown of what I am working on with the website.

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Starting this Wednesday our in-season Big Brother 15 coverage kicks in to high-speed. We’ll be providing daily updates, breaking spoilers, and Live Feed updates so you never miss a thing going on in the house.

Here’s a quick look at all the coverage we have planned for BB15:

* Breaking news from the Feeds. As soon as it happens in the Big Brother house we’ll get it posted here on our site. Then if you missed it and want to watch what happened then you’ll be able to rewind your Feeds and watch the action.
* Daily highlight recaps of the Live Feeds. Find out what happened over the entire day in one quick read.
* Social media coverage on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to follow along with us on both.
* If we’re out and about then we’ll be watching and keep you updated with the free mobile access to the Live Feeds.
* Our mobile apps are back & free again this season though I’ll admit I’m still debugging a display issue that only shows up on a few devices.
* Get everything we covered sent to you for free with our daily email updates.

I’m very excited for the new season of Big Brother starting up 2 days and that you’ll be joining us again for the summer. This site would seriously be nothing without the readers so thank you for visiting us, sharing us with your friends.

“After Dark” On TVGN

“After Dark” Is No Longer On Showtime

By : silverio4475 | June 23, 2013


Just as the Big Brother 15 Feeds found a new home this season, “Big Brother After Dark” is moving to a new channel for the 2013 summer series.

Instead of airing on SHO2 again this year, BBAD will appear on TVGN, a free cable channel, that reaches 80+ million homes but to check if it’s available from your provider go to and enter your zip code in the red “Channel Finder” box to confirm. If it’s not available from your provider, like AT&T’s U-Verse, then be sure to them know you want them to pick up that channel. If enough people ask, then maybe they’ll react.

Along with a new home for “After Dark,” the episodes will be shorter this season. Instead of three hours you’ll get two hours of Live Feeds entertainment starting each night at 12PM ET/PT and running until 2AM ET/PT. East coast broadcasts will be live while West coast shows are pre-recorded from the East’s episodes.

“Big Brother After Dark” will not be censored. I repeat, “After Dark” will be uncensored. We confirmed this with TVGN’s Leslie Furuta, the Senior Vice President of Communications and Media Relations. She told us “there is literally no difference between ‘Big Brother: After Dark’ on TVGN and past season of the show previously on SHO2.” So don’t freak out that discussions will be bleeped or bottoms blurred. BBAD will be on cable and airing after midnight so it will have the same limitations as SHO2 had in the past seasons.

If you can’t get TVGN with your provider, you want more than just two hours a night, or you don’t trust “it’s uncensored, we promise” then we highly recommend signing up for the Live Feeds. They’re like BBAD on steroids. You can watch around the clock instead of just two hours of set time a night. Pick between different camera views instead of what they want to put on your screen. Rewind the Feeds using “Big Brother Archives” like a DVR and catch events you missed. Plus, at $23.99 for the full summer it’s cheaper this year than three months of Showtime. Read our Live Feeds FAQ for more details.

Sign-up now to receive the preseason discount on the Live Feeds and watch Big Brother 15 all summer! It’s the only way to experience the real game in its full glory.

News and Updates

Big Brother 15 Premiere Episode Recap

Big Brother 15 has arrived. The new series is kicking off tonight on CBS at 8/7c and we’re here with you offering up a recap of the show as we enjoy the premiere.

During tonight’s show expect to see all sixteen houseguests introduced as the new season’s casts. They’ll get a clip show of their background along with their key discoveries. Once we meet them all they’ll gather in front of the house, be split in to four groups of four and head inside.

First group: GinaMarie, Judd, Candice, & Andy
Second group: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Elissa, & McCrae
Third group: Helen, Nick, Howard, & Jessie
Four group: Spencer, David, Aaryn, & Amanda

Part of tonight’s show will be the reveal of the season’s twists, or at least what Julie is ready to reveal to them.

From there the BB15 HGs will meet and greet before heading out to the backyard for their first Head of Household competition challenge. It’s an endurance battle again this season. Players have to hold on to giant popsicles as they hover over the backyard and get slapped by a giant tongue. Sexy time. Last HG holding on will be the first Head of Household for the summer and decide two of the first three nominees.

Tonight’s Head of Household competition is called “Popsicle Factory.” Each HG climbs on their popsicle, is lifted in the air, and the last to drop will be the winner.

Judd is the first to drop off after just over five minutes. Howard goes next after seven minutes, but says he threw it (I believe him). Candice drops third.

Amanda holds on awhile longer before dropping with Spencer not far behind. And now they just keep falling.

Oh, and in the middle of all of this, Judd figures out Elissa is Rachel Reilly’s sister.

Six are left with Kaitlin, Aaryn, David, Jeremy, Nick, and McCrae.

Kaitlin falls after more than five hours leaving Aaryn as the final girl hanging in there. She’s the next to go though which means a guy is going to win.

With four players left Julie breaks out some bribes. Wow! There are two lunchboxes in the kitchen, and one of them holds a “No Have-Not All Summer Pass.” The other one does not. Damn. I’d drop for that chance! David takes the bait, but will he choose wisely? No! David got the wrong one so the next guy to drop won’t be a Have-Not all summer. Jeremy takes the offer. Very smart move. Well, unless he gets nominated this week.

That leaves Nick and McCrae in the comp. McCrae offers Nick safety this week and it’s accepted. McCrae wins and is the first HoH of Big Brother 15!

Julie gathers the HGs and reveals the mysterious third nomination will come from a viewer-voted “MVP.” Julie confirms the MVP will be informed in secret and will make his or her nominations in secret. Just as we told you would be the case. The MVP’s secret nomination will be revealed just before the Power of Veto competition each week.

There weren’t any nominations during the show, but once the Big Brother Live Feeds turn on after tonight’s premiere we should be able to work on determining who is in the hot seat or nominated! The MVP will be later this week as MVP voting continues tonight.

If you want to watch along then sign-up right now for the Big Brother Live Feeds. You can login right now and start chatting with other fans as we await the in-house cameras to turn on just after 9PM PT (12AM ET). We can’t wait to start watching inside the house!

BBAD viewers can watch along on TVGN from 12AM to 2AM ET/PT. Check for the “Channel Finder” to check for availability in your area.

Our new HOH and More

HOH- We have our first HOH of the season and the winner is McCrae Olson