Fair Use of Media

Natalie Barker

What is it?

The fair use of media is the act of making sure everything you find/use from the internet including images, sources, research, etc. is copyright material. It is making sure that all websites and sources you use are cited in MLA format in order to give credit to the author and make sure every image you use is copyright material and not stolen material of someone else's work.

When do you use/do it?

You use the fair use of media anytime you are taking something from the internet and using it for a project or anything of your own.

How do you use/do it?

In order to cite websites you have used and gotten information from, you copy the link of the website you used and paste it into EasyBib. EasyBib will then change the link to MLA format. You then create an MLA works cited page where you paste the link of each website you used in MLA format. In order to find copyright images, you search what you are looking for on google, select search tools, then usage rights, and then select which type of image you are looking to reuse.

Why do you use/do it?

You use the fair use of media in order to make sure you do not take credit for any one else's work. Without citing your sources and images, you are plagiarizing other people's work and making it seem like your own.