Festival Avignon

A Festival Of Lights

Celebration of sunshine to create delight and joy Issues pushed in nook for everyone to enjoy As if thousand suns glow inside the evening Total of location is completely crammed with lightWhy lights throughout and noisy disturbance of cookies? What activity individual that is fun gets as skaters? What simple children notice in lighting in atmosphere? Full satisfaction and all biscuits to flyThe household is taken to an ancestry show Modest distinct lightbulbs alternatively glow like finding with returning of fresh decades Loud beat and deafening times don't trouble earsPrayers are offered for productive year each is braced with fresh vitality without concern Time to help obsessive and wiping of holes Giggle on experience despite having a great deal of ache to bearGreetings to any or all and grudges to none Adopting tight and wishes to everybody longevity desires and inclusion of money Equivalent issue for wellness and health"Dipawali" or avignon festival in of lamps to remove the night Candles at doorway to good bye evil and delightful happiness Success over undesirable causes and beginning of welfare state Grin on all looks and no fear for bad luck or fateOh, God you supply us energy and power to go in path with same wave-length Tranquility to my nation and internationally also I hope the identical and motivate others to tellYou spread the meaning with heavenly light Harmony and serenity without utilization of mite Permit this day become wonderful evening we possibly may demonstrate its value by picking rightRich and poor or enemy and friends Everyone hope delight and satisfied end Let the sunlight not established as-usual Night to remain unforgettable and realMessage to become spread loud and clear We will keep close and near Thousands of lamps might spark in evening Might reflect and lighting with stunning sightOne desires lion's heart to hope an individual He discovers explanations with some stable causes The fairs give wonderful option There lies total essence and beautyWhat is most important to spark the love? Forget the past and seriously reduce What may remain at the conclusion of the day? No obstacles or blocks to the barren wayIt is currently coming at location and the right period There's no discrimination between competition and colour Everybody swing in action for whole contribution Thanking all and wanting same in motion that is anticipation* To wish you were commendable

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