Travel Guide to Planet Earth

Third Rock from Sun

How we Divide the Earth!!!

We can divide the Earth by continents and time zones ,also weather theirs the temperate zone, tropical zone,and polar zone.If aliens like hot weather they would want to go to the tropical zone.If they like to wake up at a cert ion time they would want to go to one of the time zones.


First opportunists Climbing if you like climbing Mt,Everest is perfect but be careful and there are other activates.And tourism is also another opportunity Mt,Everest is a good site to see it is the tallest mountain in the world that is special.Challenges you could freeze to death.And avalanches could cause death.Travel tips watch out for avalanche and snow leopards.Packing list heavy clothing and stuff to drink and eat.Heavy clothing so you do t freeze to death.

Amazon rainforest

Opportunists tourism perfect site nice place to visit. Therese plenty of land for planting.Challenges predators are every where so be careful.And the weather it is very hot.Travel tips watch out for Poussin's snakes,and don't where to much clothing.Packing list bug spray there are a lot of bugs.Water is good don't get dehydrated.

Sarah dessert

Opportunists tourism there a lot of cool things in the dessert.Climate it is hot there if you like hot climate you will like it there.Challenges, sand storm and theirs no rains that means barley any water.Travel tips watch out for sand storms,and scorpions and snakes.Packing list light clothing lots of water so you don't get dehydrated.
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