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Comparing Prom Dresses

Background information

My presentation is about how prom dresses have changed through the past. Many designers now are adding large bows or rhinestones to the dresses they make, or add many layers of tool. There are definitely two sides of style, plain and classic, and glittery and modern. Justice gives a great example of a glittery franchise. There is glitter and/or rhinestones on everything.


The prom dress has definitely changed since the 50s. But the dresses are the same in a way because they were and are used for the same purpose, maybe the same brand still makes the dresses, and they were and are both clothing articles.


Some differences are that dresses now are definitely getting shorter every year. In the 50s, I'm sure no girl was comfortable wearing something that a girl would wear now to prom. Designers are now adding many rhinestones to their dresses, and adding many layers of tool to the skirt part of the dress to make it look like you are wearing a tutu.
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