James Madison

March 16, 1751- June 28, 1836

Alittle bit about James

James was born in Port Conway, VA. This is also the state that he represented. From age 11-16 he was sent to study under Donald Robertson. Then after that he was sent to a 2 year course under Reverend Martin to prepare for collage.


There is no evidence towards what religion he was. But some say he leaned towards deism.

Slave issue

Madison inherited a plantation from his father. This farm had hundreds of slaves on it that he owned. So he didn't care for the freedom of slaves.

Political career

He served as both a member of the Virginia house of delegates and continental congress.

constitutional convention

James created the Virginia Plan that served as a basis for the U.S. constitution. There was 85 essays and james wrote 29 of them. They nicknamed him The father of the constitution.He was 36 years old at this time.