Fabulous 5th Grade News

May 23-27, 2016

Look What We Are Learning:

  • Review: Introductions / Conclusions
    Review: Thesis Statement
    Review: Point of View


    Review: Commas
    Review: Transitional Words

    *Complete Make Ups

Math - Fraction review and fraction pictures.

Reading -

Social Studies -

  • (Garlington's class) State project presentations and geography -- continents and oceans
  • (Butler's class) Cold War continues

    Research: The accomplishments of individuals or Groups

    *Complete Make Ups

Science - Students will take their final Science CBA on Wednesday. Students will wrap-up their science journals with fun foldables. When completed textbooks and journals can be taken home and left.


  • May 26 - Field Trip to American Freedom Museum
  • May 30 - Memorial Day - No School
  • June 1 - Fun in the Sun Day (snow-cone truck will be selling snow-cones)
  • June 2 - Last day for students -- Awards at 9:30

5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Butler

Mrs. Garlington

Mrs. Maronge

Mrs. Morrison

Mrs. Rachell

4th Nine Weeks Vocabulary - Social Studies

1. Amendment—a change to the constitution

2. Reconstruction—period of time after the Civil War to rebuild the South

3. Industrialization—growth of manufacturing and factories

4. Free Enterprise—economic system with people in control

5. Suffrage—the right to vote

6. Equality—having the same rights

7. Civil Rights—acquired by being a citizen

8. Innovation—invention

9. Reform—to change

10. Alliance—agreement between countries to help each other

11. Supply—amount of goods available

12. Demand—amount buyers want to purchase

13. Urbanization—growth of cities

14. Immigrant—person who moves to another country

15. Era—time period including events or people