Of mice and men

Character traits

Childlike, innocent, clueless, helpless, strong, mentally disabled, difficult


Lennie and his cousin George work on a ranch in order to chase their dream of owning their own land one day. George is counting on Lennie to not screw up the opportunity. Unfortunately Lennie accidentally kills the wife of Curley, the owner of the ranch. He sets out to kill Lennie. George takes it upon himself to end Lennie's life for his own good.



The theme of the story is hopes and dreams of the future.

Throughout the entire book all that Lennie and George are able to think about is their bright future. Unfortunately they are stuck in the miserable present. They plan on having a fantastic future, it is a long shot that their plans will actually come together.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice And Men - George Shoots Lenny