Host a Wine Tasting

With Boisset Wine Living At Home

Dear Friends

I recently announced that I have started a new part-time career as a Wine Ambassador with Boisset Wine Living at Home. Our collection of award-winning California wineries includes DeLoach Vineyards, Buena Vista Winery, JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset, Lockwood Winery, Lyeth Estate, and Raymond Vineyard. As a Wine Ambassador, I can now bring the tasting room experience from our historic wineries to you!

As an Ambassador I am qualified to help you:

Why I Became a Wine Ambassador with Boisset Wine Living

Being a Wine Ambassador with Boisset allows me to combine my love of wines with my spa parties and offer my clients the opportunity to receive exclusive wines at a reasonable price by hosting a private in-home or corporate. I not only pour wine but educate on the history of the wines and wineries. I’ve attached links below to recent press and videos featuring Jean-Charles Boisset who is becoming quite the wine celebrity and a another reason I decided to become part of this amazing opportunity!

I am currently booking for the New Year (2014) and would like it if you would be one of my first tastings scheduled. I expect to fill up quickly and would not want you to miss out on getting the date that best suits your schedule so please reach out if you are interested. I am also offering for a limited time only, a FREE bottle of wine for the host/hostess who book a tasting in the month of January.

I am looking forward to sharing some amazing wines with you!



If you are interested in starting a career in the wine industry and you live in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area! Join now and receive an extra bottle of bubbly to toast to your new venture!