I Know

Rebs Kim

Dull sensations

Bleeding out

As each breath is taken

Blood pulses out

Tingles are running up and down

It cold

So cold

A brother shakes me

It’s too hard to get up

Maybe I should lay here for a bit

Just a bit

There’s something wet on my face

It’s warm and salty

I am crying

Crying because I know

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The poem written by me is laced with propaganda because of the language and vocabulary. I chose to use very simple words in order to heighten the emotional value present. It narrates the dying moments of a soldier as thinks to himself. I feel that this piece really shows what it might mean to be a soldier and allow the reader to open his eyes. The poem is made for the reader to empathize the soldier and imagine the horrors of war. Therefore it is propaganda.
Stop defending something you don't even know about. He'll die out there.