Technology stimulates young minds

catapulting us into the future

From the screen, to the mind, to the worsheet

Technology constantly bombards the young mined with colors lights and sounds; this continuous stimulus not only has an effect on the intelligence factor but also the creativity factor. This increase in in creativity leads to new and innovative thinking, better quality work.

The Facts

The three points

Acording to statistics children who are exposed to a reasonable amount of technology and media in key developmental stages (usualy 0-6 years) show a Significant 'leg up' on other children in orgonal thought and artstic skills. these skills translate to all work don by students, and a look back at the progretion of technology and the advansment in education they mirror eachother perfectly. the facts shown here alow one to conclud that the out break of inovatev thought, the increas in quolity and the exelatated education of today all have there roots in technology.