SMS Scoop

September 8, 2017

Scottsburg NWEA Warriors: Are you ready??

American Ninja Warriors compete to complete obstacles. As we discussed last week, they likely practice for hours, often on course elements that they create on their properties or access in local gyms. They train all of their muscle groups as each course element places unique physical demands on competitors. Mental toughness also comes into play. Ninja Warriors must focus and have sustained concentration during each element.

Ninja Warriors often train with others and take advice and coaching to improve their skills. Ninja Warriors hope to improve every time they attack a course. They know they may struggle but they persevere. And they celebrate! Ninja Warriors roar after they master each course element.

It's now our turn to be Warriors. NWEA Warriors. Scottsburg NWEA Warriors! We face a series of challenges next week and we will be well served to remember the Ninja Warrior competitors.

Train hard. Focus on each course element. Motivate each other. Celebrate completion.

Good luck in your assessments next week! Be daring like the Wallendas. Be bold like the Ninja Warriors. Put your whole self into each test segment. Get after it!

NWEA Q and A

1. Tell me again why we are taking this? NWEA is our new benchmark assessment program. It replaces the STAR system we used previously.

2. How many tests do we take? We take three tests- Language Conventions, Math, and Reading.

3. What is our goal? Our goal is to get accurate scores. We want to know your exact levels so we can effectively plan our next few months of instruction.

4. Tell me again about disengagement? The computer system will track your answering pace. If you quickly guess without reading the questions, your proctor (teacher) will get a notice that you are disengaged. If you are disengaged, you lessen the chance of getting an accurate score.

5. What if I disengage? The teacher will come and check on you and encourage you to get focused on every question. If you have a disengagement twice in one test session, you will need to retake the test so we get a more accurate score. Do it right the first time!!

6. When do we get results? We'll get results almost immediately and we're working out a protocol to share scores with you and teach you how to share your scores with your parents during October conferences!


  • Listen to the proctor instructions.
  • Raise your hand if you have any questions.
  • Make sure your iPad is charged to 100% each testing day.
  • Face each element with the courage and effort of a Scottsburg NWEA Warrior!

NWEA Engagement Bonus Bash

SMS will be hosting a NWEA Engagement Bonus event on Friday, Sept. 15. All students that stay engaged during testing will be invited to a 30-minute bash that afternoon. 6th Bash- 1:30-2:00, 7th Bash 1:50-2:20, 8th Bash 2:10-2:40. We'll play music and enjoy the company of friends. The location of the bash will depend on the weather.

The Kona Ice Truck will be at the Bonus Bash delivering shaved ice treats for students with tickets! To celebrate the end of our first round of NWEA testing and to offer support to our alum Bree Brown, Student Council will be accepting money/selling tickets before school Wednesday and Thursday mornings next week. Every $2 will earn you a Kona Ice at the NWEA celebration Friday afternoon. 25% of the sales of Kona Ice will be donated to the Bree Brown family to support her ongoing battle with Ewings Sarcoma. Purchase a sweet treat to enjoy during the celebration and help a fellow Warrior in need.

New Opportunities to Join!

We have new opportunities launching this week! If you've not found a club home, check out these activities!


Anyone interested in learning more about Yearbook should attend the informational meeting Wednesday, September 13th from 3:00-3:45 in room 809. Regular meetings will be held on Mondays starting September 18th. Make sure your ride is available to pick you up at 3:45 this Wednesday.


Do you like helping others and serving your community? Do you like working with others and expanding your knowledge of FACS? If you answered yes to either question, then FACS Club may be for you! Any interested students should complete an application by September 13 in order to be considered. The applications can be accessed from the SMS Community page. Meetings will be held 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 3-4. Any questions? See Mr. Shoultz!


It's time for Cross! What is Cross, you may ask? We meet around the flagpole every Wednesday morning at 7:45 AM for a time of prayer. Join us as we pray for our school, our teachers, our administration, our country and each other. No sign up necessary!! All students and staff are invited to participate. We will have our first prayer time Wednesday, September 13.


SMS does not have a bowling team but youth bowling is starting up this week at the Scottsburg Lanes. Rally day is Saturday, Sept. 9 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Show up, register for league, bowl free, and have lunch! Did you know that two 2017 SHS graduates got college scholarships for bowling? Your path to college could be an alley! Pick up a bowling info flyer in the office or call 752-2582 if you want more info!

Mid-Term TODAY!

Today is the official middle of our first grading period! Mid-term is a good time to check grades and set goals for the next four and a half weeks. Our first grading period ends on Friday, October 6th. Fall break is the following week. That's not too far away!

Homeroom task for today---- Log in to Harmony and check your grades! Homeroom teachers, please check to see that your students have Harmony accounts and can access them from a web clip on their iPad Home Screen! If you need help accessing your Harmony account swing by the media center for help!

Plan Ahead

Make a note about the following schedule changes and activities ahead!

Tue. Sept. 12- NWEA Language Conventions test 8:45-10:00 AM

Wed. Sept. 13- NWEA Math test 8:45-10:00 AM

Thu. Sept. 14- NWEA Reading test 8:45-10:00 AM

Fri. Sept. 15- Assembly 8:45-10:00 AM (Bob Mortimer and the Lasting Hope Band)

Fri. Sept. 15- NWEA Engagement Bonus Bash (PM by wing)

Wed. Sept. 20- 2 Hour Delay (SMS classes begin at 10:05. Busses run normal routes two hours after normal morning pick up. SMS will be open at 7:00 AM for any student that must be dropped off due to parent employment timelines.)

Tue. Sept. 26- School Picture Day!! Watch for more info in next week's Scoop.

Next Week...

Mon. Sep. 11: A day, Patriots' Day, 6th Success Skills in Skills (SSS), Science Olympiad 3:15-4:30, CC @ Salem, 7/8 VB v. Charlestown

Tue. Sep. 12: B day, NWEA LA test, 6th Success Skills in Skills (SSS), Yearbook info meeting 3:15-3:45, BotWarriors 3:30-5 @ MASP, Tennis v. Borden, Soccer v. Switz County, 6/7/8 VB @ Hazelwood

Wed. Sep. 13: A day, NWEA Math test, Science Olympiad 3:15-4:30, Builders' Club 3-4, CC hosts Scottsburg Invitational, Soccer @ Salem, 6/7/8 VB @ Hazelwood

Thu. Sep. 14: B day, NWEA Reading test, Tennis v. Austin, CC @ New Wash, Football @ Clarksville, 6 VB @ Silver Creek

Fri. Sept. 15: A day, Assembly 8:45 AM, NWEA Engagement Bonus Bash PM