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Week of November 30th, 2020

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✦ Literature Inspired Gingerbread Houses

✦ Thanksgiving Card Exchange Update

✦ Winter Wishes Card Exchange

✦ Spanish Parent Workshop

✦ December High School Hangouts

✦ December Workshops

✦ Middle School Spelling Bee

✦ Discovery Day: December


✦ Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

✦ Intervention Website Update

✦ Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week Fifth Grade

✦ Social-Emotional Support


✦ Scholarship Opportunities

✦ UC Admissions

✦ Counseling Info. Sessions

✦ Important Dates for 2021 Graduates

PCA Happenings

Thanksgiving Card Exchange Update

Our students had a blast getting creative and sending greetings to their pals through our Thanksgiving Card Exchange. Check out their work!

Winter Wishes Card Exchange

Spanish Parent Workshop

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December High School Hangouts

December Workshops

Below are the workshops coming up in December!

All workshops are separated by grade level, be sure to sign up for the correct grade.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

TK - 2nd Grade

3rd - 5th Grade

Middle School Workshops

Middle School Spelling Bee

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Spelling Bee Interest Survey

Click here to let us know your student is interested in participating the Middle School Spelling Bee!

Discovery Day

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2020 Discovery Day Destinations

November - Zoopendous Day! (Animal studies)

December - Winter Wonder STEM

How does it work?

  • Families are encouraged to register their students for a Discovery Day community based on their student's grade and nearest location. This will allow students to connect with the same teachers & peers in their area when it is safe to meet in-person! However, families may register with another community if that works better for their schedules.
  • Students who attend the same Discovery Day community's workshops at least 3 times during November & December will be invited to a special virtual class party in January!
  • Please review the Discovery Day Schedule (Nov- Dec) for a list of DD communities & their dates/times.
  • Register your student for a Discovery Day community - RSVP HERE. Please complete one form per student.

Please complete this registration form at least 48 hrs prior to the start of the first workshop you wish to attend. If you do not register in a timely manner, you may not receive the Zoom link & information in time. As a result, you will need to wait for the next workshop.

After your registration is complete, Google forms will send you an email copy of your request. Please mark the dates on your calendar. You can expect a teacher from your selected Discovery Day community to email you a Zoom link & list of materials approximately 1 week prior to the workshop.

Parent Resources

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Intervention Website Update

Our Intervention Website is currently under construction, so many of the great resources such as the

ODI Recordings are unavailable to families at this time.

Please contact your school's Student Support Coordinator for recommendations on other interventions to support your student's targeted areas of need.

Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week FIFTH Grade


Learning to multiply larger multi-digit numbers can seem like a tedious task. Take the monotony out of it and make it a fun game!

5.NBT.B.5: I can easily multiply larger whole numbers.

If you’ve made it to 5th grade without watching Khan Academy, that is amazing, but it’s time to change that. Here is a great one on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

5.NF.A.1: I can add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators

Have you ever thought of using your instructional planning amounts to buy board games? Here is a list of games that use mathematical reasoning, multi step problems, real world problems, and more.

Language Arts:

What could be more fun than gathering a few friends or family members (maybe through zoom) and putting on a play. Practice reading 5th grade texts and put on a show with this Rapunzel Reader's Theater freebie.

RF.5.4.A: I can read and understand fifth grade texts.

RF.5.4.B: I can read fifth grade books and poems aloud accurately, at the right speed and with expression.

RL.5.10: I can read and understand fifth grade stories, plays and poems independently.

Is your 5th grader having trouble figuring out what is the main idea? Let them hear it from another perspective with this youtube video.

RI.5.2: I can determine two or more main ideas in informational texts.

RI.5.2: I can explain how the main ideas in informational texts are supported by the details in the text.

Do you want to get your 5th grader hooked on reading? Or maybe they already are, and they just need some new ideas for great books. Check out this list of books for your student.

RF.5.4: I can fluently read and understand books at my level well.

Social-Emotional Support

Mindset Mondays is changing things up a bit this month. This month’s webinars will both be interactive, offering students a chance to ask questions and put into practice what they are learning. Please bring something to write and/or color with and wear something comfortable!

Mindset Monday November Topic: “Nagging Nerves”

DID YOU KNOW?? Researchers are finding that children and adolescents are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and depression during this time of COVID-19. Join Miss Joy and Miss Rachel on 11/9 and 11/16 for Mindset Mondays sessions where November's topic is Nagging Nerves: Tools For Anxiety. We will be helping students identify what anxiety feels like in our bodies and equipping them with tools to manage it.

Mindset Monday Webinar Dates/Times
Monday, November 9th - Part 1

Monday, November 16th - Part 2

10:00am - TK-5th grade

1:00pm - 6th-12th grade


Additional “Nagging Nerves” Resources

TK-5th Grade Resources:

6th-12th Grade:

  • Fight Flight Freeze – Anxiety Explained For Teens - Watch this video developed by Anxiety Canada to learn how anxiety keeps us alive, and how worries in your head affect what you feel in your body.

  • Social Anxiety Safety Behaviors Worksheet - In social situations, safety behaviors are subtle actions people take to avoid anxiety. For example, someone who is anxious about socializing at a party might focus on their phone to discourage others from approaching. Although safety behaviors provide temporary relief, they make anxiety worse in the long-run. The Social Anxiety Safety Behaviors worksheet teaches the basics of avoidance, and how safety behaviors fill the same role.

  • Worry Exploration Questions - When people worry, they tend to imagine the worst thing that could possibly happen. In reality, these worries may never come true. What could happen isn’t the same as what will happen. In the Worry Exploration Questions worksheet, students are asked to consider their worry versus reality.

  • Study tips for Anxiety - Study skills help to reduce test anxiety, improve focus, and increase motivation to do well on tests. Good study habits are important for all students, but they are particularly beneficial for those with test anxiety.

Zoom-Out Cards - Help your child shift perspective with these fun facts.

High School

Scholarship Opportunities

Here is a list of popular scholarship search engines or other pre-vetted scholarships.

UC Admissions

Students who wish to attend a UC must fulfill A-G requirements in order to be eligible for admission. For more information on A-G requirements visit the University of California Admissions page. Each UC campus provides a variety of virtual events where you can ask questions and engage with each school’s admissions department. You can find more information on virtual events at each campus via the following links:

For those students interested in attending a UC, be sure to fulfill your A-G requirements. If you’re not sure if you’ll meet the requirements, you can touch base with your academic counselor to design an educational path that will prepare you for UC eligibility.

Counseling Info. Sessions

Counseling Info. Sessions: Please join us for the following information sessions. All sessions will be offered at 11am and 5pm, here: Counseling Webinar Link

Concurrent Enrollment: December 2

For those families who were unable to attend the UC/CSU Application Information session here are the slides and recording:

Link to presentation slides

Link to video recording (recorded 10.19.2020)

Important Dates for 2021 Graduates

UC Application- Due December 4

CSU Application- Due December 4

FAFSA- Application is open!

Karmen & Rachel

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