Mike Tart


A Client-Focused, Thought Leader, and Technologist driven by an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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Business Ventures:

REALTOR | ArizonaHomeSite.com

As your REALTOR® I can help you find your dream home, sell your existing home and get you started with your mortgage. I have a reputation as a high performer, an incredibly networked Valley leader, with a proven ability to serve my clients' needs.

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The Granola Guy provides unique granola based products, trail mixes and jerkies through preferred retailers, cafes, outdoors outfitters, and to consumers through our easy to use online store.

DRIVER TRACKING | AutoHabits.com (Sold)

AutoHabits (Privately held & sold in December, 2014), served as a driver behavior reporting system, targeting primarily parents, age 40-65 years old who wished to monitor their young and/or senior driver’s behavior, via peer driver reports & alerts.

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