H20 just add water

All about H20

Season 1

Three girls Emma, Rikki and Cleo discover an unknown island called Maco Island.The volcano on the island has been dormet for 20 000 years. They explore the island and discover a curious cave that has a pool led out to the ocean. They get stuck in the cave and jumping in the pool to the ocean is the only way out. Cleo falls in the cave unexpectedly. Emma jumps in after her. Rikki comes next. They go to the pool area and decide they have to swim to get out. They jump in the pool on a full moon. The problem is any person in that pool on a full moon turns into a mermaid and has magic powers over water. One for each of the girls. They don't know that they are mermaids till they touch water. The next day Cleo went for a bath to give you a hint this bath was very interesting. Cleo was with a TAIL and with orangy brown scales. She couldn't believe her eyes. Next Emma went for a swim at the beach. Luckily she was alone about after ten seconds she touched water she grew a tail. Finally Rikki went for a walk