NCE 5th Grade Newsletter

October 9, 2015

Don't forget, it's a short week next week! No school for students on Monday, and Early Dismissal on Friday.

Fall pictures will be taken this Tuesday, October 13th!

Reading Round Up

It's hard to believe the first grading period is almost over! We finished up our book projects this week, and will be moving on to poetry.

Students should still always be working in a novel that is at their level. I am also noticing many students aren't reading nightly. I know that there are many activities and other assignments that need to be completed, but that nightly reading is crucial in developing the vocabulary, background knowledge, and stamina that will benefit them in all classes.

Next week we will be taking a District Learning Assessment on Tuesday. They will take the ISIP (a computer based reading assessment) on Thursday. Neither of these assessments will be used as a grade, but they will serve as data points to help plan instruction and placement in ELT (Extended Learning Time) groups. We will again emphasize the need to do their best, even though they will not "count" as grades.

Writing Notes

This week the students finished their personal narrative. They worked hard to create a piece of writing that is filled with ALIVE words.

In addition, I am so proud of their hard work on their leads. After the students finished their story, they wrote their leads on a half sheet of paper. These will be displayed in the hallway very soon. If you are near the 5th grade hallway, be sure to stop and read some of their leads. They did a fabulous job drawing the reader into their stories within just the first couple of sentences.

Today was a sharing day. The students shared their writing with their peers. In addition, the students reflected on what they did well, as well as, what they need to improve. We discussed techniques that good writers use and created goals for our next writing project. Reflection and goal setting is not always an easy task. However, the students they did a great job with this end of the unit activity.

Next week the students will work on a creative writing activity. In addition, the following week, we will begin our poetry unit!

The 5th Grade Team

Mrs. Griffin

Mr. Krauklis

Ms. Lauden

Mrs. Mata

Math in a Minute

This week in math we finished up the Multiplication Unit. While our focus is going to change, we will still be reviewing the first two units throughout the school year. Our next unit will be division. In 4th grade, students divided with one digit divisors. This year we will divide whole numbers and decimals by two digit divisors. Because of the short week, there will only be one homework assignment. It will be given on Tuesday and due on Thursday.

October Lunch and Learn- Focus on Fractions

You’re Invited!

Who: Parents/Guardians of NCE 5th Graders

What: Brown Bag Lunch & Learn* focusing on 5th Grade Fraction Unit

When: Friday, October 16, 2015 from 11:15-12:15

Where: Nottingham Country Elementary (STEM Lab)


 Are you interested in learning more about the current math curriculum?

 Do you want to learn some tips and strategies for helping your child with their math homework?

 We are hosting a seminar to review the current math Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and share instructional strategies and techniques for the upcoming 5th grade unit on fractions.

 *Please bring your own lunch.*

 This is an early dismissal day for students, so students will be dismissed at 12:40 p.m. RSVP at

From the Science Lab

We will have a science test Tuesday over properties of matter. On Canvas there is a jeopardy review game, several practice quizzes, and a few other items to help review. The next unit we will cover is energy. I will be handing out the Design a Catapult homework assignment next week, which is always a fun project!

Boosterthon Fun Run


Thank you so much for supporting this year’s NCE Knights Fun Run!! The program was a huge success and I know everyone had a lot of fun. There’s a little more left to do.

We need your help collecting all our pledges. Our goal is to collect 100% of pledges by 10/15/2015.

Please encourage your student to thank all sponsors. Pledges can be paid by cash, check or credit card online on

If an email address was entered with the original pledge on, your sponsor will receive an email reminder to fulfill their pledge. If not, they can mail cash or check to you and you can send it all into the school with your child’s collection envelope coming home soon.