Internet safety

how to be safe and have fun on the internet

internet safety rules

1. Never use your own name as your screen name.

2. If someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult immediately.

3. Never post anything that you wouldn't want teachers, parents, or future bosses to see.

4. When you agree to meet your internet "friend", be sure your parents are with you and that you have their permission.

5. Never open an e-mail from a stranger, it can give your computer a virus.

6. Don't look up things that aren't age appropriate. You know what this means.

7. don't post pictures without parent's permission, and beware that everything on the internet stays on the internet.

8. Don't forward anything that some stranger tell you to.

9. Don't click on adds or pop ups.

10. Just keep in mind that the "12" year old boy, could also be a 50 year old man.