The CCSA Board congratulates all of our students for their recent efforts on KAT, Forward, and iReady exams, as well as for all of the effort they've put into academics this challenging year. We wish them a strong finish to the school year and our families a happy summer!

Congratulations to the following middle school students for their place on the honor roll for Quarter 3:


Highest Honors: 3.90 -- 4.00

Maria Ganser

Taylor Meisel

Natalie Miller

Spencer Munson

Maya Pack

Darshan Sivasamy

With Honors: 3.33 -- 3.89

Utsuk Adhikari

Ella Albright

Sarthak Bhattarai

Giulia Capisani

Anna Chen

Madyson Clifton

Chloe Cronin

Lindsay Heimerman

Charleigh Huenink

Addison Lam

Adia Munn

Lukas Nahm

Anneliese Olson

Shaun Robinson

Sophia Scherwinski

Eliana Scott

Isabella Stevenson

Srikar Tanneru

Isabella Thao

Harshavardhanan Vivekanandan

Hanish Vunnam

Ava Wickesberg


Highest Honors: 3.90 -- 4.00

Rhianna Amador

Riya Butala

Ava Dietrich

Supratik Gajavelli

Taylor Lemire

Anya Leschke

Smarika Marasini

Payton Running

Gabrielle Stern

Aidan Wiley

With Honors: 3.33 -- 3.89

Azzahraa Abdelazim

Isaac Albers

Quincy Bielmeier

Austin Chosa

Rowan Cihlar

William Delfosse

Ella DeVantier

Elena Eubank

Nora Hartzheim

Shaista Kakarla

Brooke Kohler

Avery Lemire

Abigail Mignon

Sholamipe Olaniregun

Cayden Rath

Natalie Roe

Addison Schneider

Griffin Schroeder

Akshaya Sivakumar

Charles Slovick

Liana Sonntag

Maya Tallroth

Abraham Tomori

Jade Wood

Emma Zirbel


The celebration of Classical School's commencement honoring the class of 2021 will be held in the Forum on Wednesday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm. Students should report to their homeroom by 6:30 pm. Please note a limit of two guests is allowed per graduate due to capacity restrictions.

Requested attire for the evening for students is as follows (school dress code does apply): Boys: dress pants, dress shirt, tie, and jacket (optional). Girls: nice dress, skirt, or dress pants ensemble. Please contact Joanne Bielmeier at with any questions.


Thank you to the students, parents, and Classical staff who helped make this year's Knowledge-a-thon a success!

Thank you to our business sponsors who advertised in our KAT 2021 booklet and supported us with matching corporate funds!


KAT scores will be sent home with students this week. Don't forget to send in your KAT pledges by the due date which is Monday, May 17th! Cash or checks (made out to Classical School) are accepted.


Classical will be celebrating National Teacher Appreciation week May 10th-14th. The Classical School Teacher Appreciation Committee would like to remind you to take a moment to show your child's teacher how much they are appreciated. Perhaps your child would like to bring in a card, drawing, or a flower for his/her teacher some time during this week. Remind your teacher how they have made your child's year better or remind them of your child's favorite school memory from this school year. If you are looking for ideas for something to purchase for your teachers or support staff, there is a notebook in the office that contains a list of the teachers "favorite things." Please stop in to view the notebook. No phone calls.


Please note that students who owe book fine money/school fees will not receive/be able to purchase a yearbook until all fines/fees have been paid in full.

Thank you for taking care of any unpaid fines/fees as soon as possible.


This is a reminder that Chromebooks, phy ed kits, and music kits should be returned to Classical before the end of the school year.


Congratulations to the following Classical Musicians who participated in this year's WSMA Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival:

Lydia Albers (clarinet solo)

Rhianna Amador (alto saxophone solo)

Quincy Bielmeier (alto saxophone solo)

Sebastian Brown (bass solo and tuba solo)

Anna Chen (piano solo)

Maria Ganser (piano solo)

Derek Jia (violin solo)

Anya Leschke (piano solo)

Eliana Scott (piano solo)

Gabi Stern (flute solo)

Maya Tallroth (flute duet)

All students performed beautifully and earned first place ratings on their performances. Anya Leschke, whose piano solo was a Class A solo, also qualified for the state festival. We are very proud of our student musicians for taking on this additional musical challenge and for representing our school with pride! Way to go!


On Thursday, May 27th at 6:30 PM, be sure to tune in to YouTube to watch the Classical Band Virtual Concert Experience! More information including the YouTube link will be forthcoming.


Hello Families!

Have you noticed that your son/daughter has a love for music? We have so many talented students at our school, and I hope you will consider either the Appleton Boychoir, the Lawrence Community Girl Choir, or the Badger State Girl Choir as an opportunity to give your child an enrichment in music! Please take a look at the links below. Feel free to contact me at if you have further questions about these opportunities. (I am happy to have a phone conversation, but I travel between four different Schools so it would be easier to establish contact through email first.)

All these groups have financial scholarships available. They do not turn any members away for financial reasons.

Over my years as a music educator, I have had numerous students sing in all three choirs, and it was a wonderful musical and life experience for them. I encourage you to check into any one of these choirs!

The Appleton Boychoir - for boys entering 3rd grade and up -

The Lawrence Community Girl Choir - for girls entering 3rd grade and up -

The Badger State Girl Choir - for girls entering 2nd grade and up -

Again, please consider these fine music opportunities for your child!

Thank you, Kathy Alan, Choir Director


For those of you already arranging your child's summer doctor appointments, please be reminded that ALL students are required to receive a Tdap vaccination upon entrance to 6th grade. If your child has not yet received his/her Tdap, please make arrangements for your child to receive this vaccination PRIOR to the start of 6th grade. Community healthcare providers are typically very busy in the weeks leading to the start of fall classes, so you are encouraged to have your child immunized well in advance of school beginning.

If you do not wish to have your child immunized, you are required to sign a waiver. The waiver option is located on the bottom half of the immunization form. These forms are available from the district website ( or from the elementary school office. If you already completed a waiver for your child in Kindergarten, you will need to complete a new waiver as this immunization is a new requirement.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Stacey Rottier, RN at 920-419-7302 or thank you for your prompt attention to this requirement.


Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine:

This is a three-dose series of vaccine given to girls and boys at age 11-12 years to protect against diseases caused by the human papillomavirus. This vaccine can prevent most cases of cervical cancer in females if it is given before exposure to the virus. In addition it can prevent other cancers in both males and females. The second and third doses of vaccine should be administered 2 and 6 months after the first dose. This vaccine is recommended for the following people who have not completed the 3-dose series: Females age 13 through 26 years of age; Males age 13 through 21 years of age.


We take pride in the appearance of our students. How students act is often affected by what they wear. Students are expected to dress appropriately in clean, well-fitting clothing appropriate for the weather. This makes them feel more comfortable about school and increases their chances of being successful students ready to learn.

Students’ dress or attire must adhere to the following minimum standards. The standards maintained align with the BOE approved policy 443.1, June 1999 found in the family district handbooks.

· Students may not wear scanty/revealing clothing. Examples of these items include but are not limited to tube tops, halter tops, backless tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, and clothing that expose the midriff and/or undergarments.

· Students must wear shoes/appropriate footwear in and around the school at all times.

· Students are not allowed to wear head gear in the school building unless for traditional religious reasons.. Removing a person’s hat/hood when entering a building is a well-established sign of respect in our country and one that will be reinforced in our schools. Examples of head gear include but are not limited to hats, hoods, caps, and bandanas.

· No garments that advertise alcohol, alcohol establishments, tobacco products, or other drugs may be worn.

· No attire with messages or symbols that include profanity, violent or sexual language/actions, or inappropriate subject matter is allowed to be worn in the school buildings.

· Any attire or accessory which by its design, use or intended use, could cause bodily harm, property damage, or intimidation to other persons, may not be worn. Examples of these items include but are not limited to chains, leather straps, pet collars, and spikes.

· No attire with any gang-related purpose is allowed.

· Jackets, coats, and gloves must be removed at the student’s locker/hallway hook area. Any such items may not be worn around the building during school hours.

Body markings or tattoos that do not meet the above standards must be fully covered at all times.

This policy is in force during the school day, in school vehicles, and at all school activities. The wearing of outer garments and headwear will be permitted in school vehicles and at school activities when deemed appropriate by building administration. This list is not meant to be exhaustive; rather it is intended to provide some idea of acceptable dress. Since styles of clothing change rapidly, the administration reserves the right to restrict certain fashions that are inappropriate as well as interpret what is considered to be in poor taste or distracting to the learning environment. Members of the staff will use their professional judgment when enforcing this policy.


If your child currently has medication kept in the school office, you must make arrangements to bring these medications home during the last week of school. Please be aware that any medications considered to be "controlled substances" cannot be transported by students. If you indicated your consent on the medication paperwork you signed, we will send home any non-controlled medications with your student. If you did not give consent on the medication paperwork you signed, a parent (or another responsible adult) must come to school to retrieve the medications. any medications not picked up from the school office by June 18th will be discarded. Thank you.


Forward Exam Results: Results become available in the fall. You will receive your 3rd-8th graders' scores in late September/early October. The Forward Exam will show you how your student scored on reading, writing, listening, and math as compared to other students in the state. Your 4th and 8th grader will also have scores in science and social studies.

iReady results for K-7 will be sent home with end-of-year report cards the week of June 7th.



Registration for the 2021-22 school year is open for children who will be 4-years old on or before September 1st.

Registration Link:


For summer math review, we have Saxon Math packets available to download from our website:>Academics>Saxon Math.

We have a limited number of hard copies of summer practice workbooks for interested students who are currently in Algebra 1/2. Please contact the school if you are interested in purchasing a booklet. The cost is $6.55.


You can still sign up for summer school at Classical School by following the link:

If your child is new to Classical and not yet in Infinite Campus, email Karrie Kadolph at and she will help you get set up.

Other questions can be sent via email to Kari Campshure at


Summer is a great time for students to work on their keyboarding skills. Students currently in grades 2-6 can access the district software called Typing Club online through the district website. Students have their login and password on a sticker attached to their 2019-20 assignment notebook. Students entering 2nd grade next school year are unable to access at this time.

Link to access Typing Club:


The 2020-21 yearbooks will be delivered to school the last week in May. Yes, we will have extras to purchase for those that didn't order...first come, first served. Please don't call the office and ask us to hold a yearbook for your child. The cost to purchase a yearbook from the office is $10.00 cash or check made out to Classical School. All fines/fees must be paid in full before students will receive/be able to purchase a yearbook.


Classical School does not accept requests for specific teachers by parents for their children for the following reasons:

1. It is logistically impossible to honor everyone's request because of the sheer number of requests in addition to the imbalances they would create. It is important, for example, to have good gender balance and balance of aptitude in classrooms.

2. It is important to consider the morale of the teachers. Some teachers might be highly requested for reasons that have nothing to do with their effectiveness as teachers. Indeed we have very high regard for the ability, character, and knowledge of all of our teachers.

3. The distinctive effectiveness of our school is not driven by the individual teachers bring their own unique strengths and variety to the delivery of the curriculum; however, they work in a highly integrated "teamwork" environment where curricular expectations are clear to everyone. Teachers depend on each other to bring the children to mastery before moving to the next grade and build on each other's work through the skill-level groupings. As in the rest of life, school is an opportunity to grow through interaction with all different styles and personalities.

4. Classroom placement is a task that our staff takes very seriously. We want the process to be fair for parents, children, and teachers. We want it to be efficient and effective. We want to honor the input of parents as well as living and working together in an atmosphere that fosters trust, mutual support, and a spirit of service to one another.


The last day of school is Friday, June 4th. The release time for all students is 11:27 a.m.