Summer of fish and Science

Fishing and Activity

Pysical Science and Fishing

I used physical science because when I go fishing I use a lot of arm muscle to cast the line out as far as possible to catch the fish. I would also use arm and leg muscle to hold and reel in strong fish. My pictures represent physical Science because I use muscle to constantly casting and reeling in strong fish my rods and standing. (I always let the fish go)

Intresting part of Visit

The most fun part of my visit was fishing. I really like to fish, the fish I fish for are muskie. They are really fun to catch because they are really smart fish the first one I caught almost snapped my rod in a half and I was using a really expensive lure so, then my line broke and I had to go scuba dive to go get it , the lure was wrapped a round a log. I used my fishing. I used a boat to get out were I went fishing so I used the law of physics used forward motion to move the boat.

Fun Facts about me

I really like to fish. I also like to go places and hang with my friends.