Best Book of 2013

See You at Harry's


The main characters are 12 year old Fern, 15 year old Holden, 18 year old Sarah, 3 year old Charlie and Mom and Dad. These characters all have different personalities. And they are all unique which makes this book amazing.


This book is about a young girl named Fern and she feels invisible. It seems to be that everyone in her family has something better to do than pay attention to her. Fern's brother Holden admits that he is gay, and his father doesn't take it well and shuts him out for a while. Meanwhile there is Charlie the biggest trouble maker in their household. He is always causing trouble, but he gets all of the attention and never gets yelled at. That sends Fern crazy and then one day at their family restaurant Charlie keeps annoying Fern and then starts running away from Fern and runs into the parking lot, but Charlie stands up and starts running around. The next day there is a terrible accident. The story begins...


I think you should read this book because it is a very good story. It really touches your soul. I know when I read it I felt like I was right with the characters. At some parts you may feel very a emotional, but it is worth the read.