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Valentine's Day and More

Talent Show Friday - $1.00 to Attend

Homework Folder

Students have a folder with a place for teacher/parent notes. These should be signed nightly, even if there is no note. This is good practice so if I do send a note, you will see it.

Students are given directions on filling in homework and reminder information in class. They are given time to complete this. Students should have this filled in each day. This is not optional: it is a classroom expectation that they will fill in work assigned when directed.

As a reminder, the fluency folder should be completed each night and returned on Friday.

1/2 Day Friday, February 5th

Valentine Boxes

Students were sent home a direction page and a scale drawing page to create their Valentine box. The boxes can be turned in anytime February 10-12. There are directions for the box to practice measurement and scale.

I am adding a link to a sample page so you can see how to do the scale drawing if you are unsure.

We have 17 students in our class. Valentines will be traded the end of the day on Friday, February 12. I will send a class list with our student names. Students do not have to bring Valentines, but if they do, they need to be addressed at home and there should be one for everybody in the class.

No School - February 8 & 9 - Mardi Gras Break

Project Requirements

Valentine Project

Your Goal: You will be creating a Valentine box where classmates can easily deliver your Valentines.

Project Requirements:

· The box should be no larger than 12" in width, depth or height.

· The opening to slip Valentines through must be at least 5" x 2".

· The container should be easy to carry.

· You must have fun completing this activity!

· They must be returned to school February 10th - February 12th.

Keep in mind while planning and creating your box that the class will

vote for winners of the "best" containers in the following categories:

· Most Creative

· Prettiest

· Most "Valentiney"

· Neatest Work

· Coolest

· Best Overall

Note: Plan ahead using your cm grid paper.

Measure carefully. You may ask your parents for advice, but remember, this is YOUR project! YOU CAN DO IT!