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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is always important, but May is mental health awareness month which allows us to shine some light on mental health. This CARES Team newsletter offers information to help think about mental health, factors that may lead to a mental health condition, and tools for maintaining good mental health. Additionally, there are links to sites that contain much more information that may be of interest to you. We need to tend to our mental health and well-being just as we do physical health.

With warmer weather, get out and enjoy some time in nature. Tend to your mental and physical well-being by taking a walk, attending a spring sporting event, enjoying music in the park, hiking in Clifty, strolling along the Riverwalk....Wow, do we have lots of choices in Madison!

Attend to your social well-being by getting together with friends and family, connecting with an old friend or colleague, or attending graduation. You can even improve well-being by spending some time focusing on your environment. Tidy up your space, clean a closet, or wash windows. Who knew spring cleaning could improve your well-being!?

Here's hoping some summer fun and relaxation comes your way and has a positive influence on all aspects of your wellness!

Mental Health IS Health

We all have mental health. This interactive website, Mental Health is Health, starts with how you are feeling and links you to numerous resources to support you. Check it out!

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How long do I need to have symptoms to have a diagnosable mental health condition?

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How can I maintain good mental health?

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Is it Stress or Anxiety?

Active minds offers helpful information to help you determine is it stress or anxiety. The link below has helpful information, activities and resources to help you know the difference and learn to manage stress and anxiety.

Managing Anxiety: There's an App for that.

While diagnosed anxiety can be treated in a variety of ways, developing coping strategies to help manage the stressors of daily life is important too. The link below connects you to 8 apps that help manage anxiety.

Where to Get Help

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you or someone you know needs help. Learning all you can about mental health is an important first step.

Contact the NAMI HelpLine to find out what services and supports are available in our community.

Local Community Mental Health Providers

LifeSpring: (812) 265-4513

Centerstone: (812) 265-1918

If you or someone you know needs help now, you should immediately call or text

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Text TALK to 741741 or call 911.