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This just in! A local Florida boy was found dead. Robin Harper was found dead in a lake near his home. Our sources say that he wandered away from home to go feed the duck that swam by the lake, Apparently, the ducks scared him and he fell into the lake. He was found later that day drifting in the water. The sources also sa, that he was waiting for his friend to come over so that he could take him to the water to feed the ducks, but he became impatient and snuck away from his home.

Weekly Interview

Emily Frierson- How did you feel different about georgie once you found out about what he had gone through?

Mrs. Harper- Well, I definitely had to change my attitude towards him because I am not going to be like his old parents and because he doesn't deserve to go through that twice. It shouldn't even happen to any kids at all.

Emily Frierson- Did you ever feel like you had to start protecting him, once Robin and Paul both died?

Mrs. Harper- At first I was just scared to get close to another young boy, because I did not want anything to happen to him like Paul, but once Robin died too, I had to let another young boy like Georgie back into my heart.

Emily Frierson- What were you feeling when you found Robin in the water?

Mrs. Harper- I was completely heartbroken, I was speechless. I had Just lost my second son, now, I did not have a husband, and any of my kids. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?

Emily Frierson- I think I would be just like you were, there is nothing else that I could say or do. After all this happened, did you have change in heart about knowing what other people go through everyday?

Mrs. Harper- I originally thought that i had a change in heart after both Paul and my husband passed, but that change in heart was for the worst. However once Robin died I had to realize that things like this happen to other people too, so i had to change for the better, and accept what other people like me go through.

Emily Frierson- Now just one more question, from all your experiences what was the most important thing you learn?

Mrs. Harper- I would have to say the most important thing i learned is to learn more about a person, and not to judge them by their first action.

Robin Harper

Robin, was a loving boy, who is survived by his best friend, Georgie, his mother, and his grandfather. He was a young lad, who was not the freshest of the flowers, but was as sweet as can be. Robin was not able to do as much as everyone else, but he sure is someone that this small Florida town will forever remember. Ms. Harper was the mother of this young boy, she cared for him with the help of her father, Georgie, Amanda, and Rosita. Robin has left one thing behind that was given to him as gift of his death, a rose bush. Anytime you pass by the cemetery and see the rosebush growing please think of Robin growing. Robin's friends and family will miss his sweet smile and innocence.

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