by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak-

"You have to know what you stand for, not just what you stand against."

It's in the title...

Yet the main character, Melinda Sordino, barely talks at all. Although she doesn't fully explain, she shows us why she thinks no one cares what she has to say. She has a mother and father that don't want to be together, so all that happens in the house is arguing. She goes to a school where most teachers hate her because she can see through high school's lies. All her old friends hate her and she's lucky if she gets scowled at. The best part about any of this is the fact that she has a super school involved friend that reminds her of how she used to be; as well as an art teacher that hates the school board. The question is... will her life, and grades, get any better?

Why read it?

Honestly I think it embeds lots of things into your brain about what some people go through. It really changes your thought process about when someone isn't talking or cutting themselves off from the world.
Interview on Speak

This book may be a bit saddening, however...

This book is incredible ask anyone that's read it about it, they should tell you the same thing. It's unlike any book ever written. Even better, it's not a series and not that long so it can be quickly enjoying and forever changing.

If you haven't heard of it, after you read it...

You'll be uber-cool, uber-awesome, uber isn't even a word. That's how good this book is. It's uber-word making. You'll be uber-uber.
By: Dylon Edmunds- 2nd period