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September 13, 2021

Homecoming 2021

Mark your calendar! This year's Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, October 23. More information coming soon!


Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

Varsity Volleyball played CPS on Tuesday and won all three games. Becca Weiss helped her team to victory with 17 assists and 6 aces, along with Addie Tresnak, who had 8 kills! On the 9th, Varsity Volleyball won all three games at Caseville. A few of the highest stats of the game were Becca Weiss with 13 assists, and both Lola Abromaitis and Avery Grondin with 6 aces each! Great job this past week, and good luck with your upcoming games this week.

You can watch both JV and Varsity Volleyball away at Owen-Gage this Tuesday the 14th, or Thursday the 16th at home vs. Mayville. Hope to see you there!

Varsity Volleyball Team Roster:

Addie Tresnak

Alaina Penn

Ashley Hickmott

Avery Grondin

Becca Weiss

Emma Raue

Jenna Peters

Joanna Livingston

Lola Abromaitis

Skylar Graham

Coach Jill Grusnick

Varsity Cross Country

by Ava DeVlaminck

This week, the Varsity Cross Country team was hard at work. This week's race was in Bad Axe, and although this is a flat and turny course, the runners ran great! Coming in 5th overall in the race is Aiden Fitchett with an astonishing time of 17:55. Next, Jackson Spencer running a great time of 21:47 and Noah Hall running 22:49. Next, Connor Wolff came through the finish line with a time of 24:55, Matthew Hickmott running 27:53, and Matthew Livingston, running a great race of 35:15. On the girls' side, Audrey Napolitano ran an awesome time of 23:08 and Lily Finnigan ran 27:33. Great job to everyone and good luck at Holly this Saturday!

Varsity Cross Country Team Roster:

Aiden Fitchett

Audrey Napolitano

Ava DeVlaminck

Connor Wolff

Jackson Spencer

Lily Finnigan

Matthew Hickmott

Matthew Livingston

Noah Hall

Tyler Biggs

Coach Kory Lohrmann

Varsity Football

by Nick Abromaitis

Last Friday, the Spartans played against the Raiders of Almont and lost 39-0. They played a good game. Let's look at the stats for the Spartans.

Jacob Burgess: 1 rush, 4 yds, 1/3 passing 2 yds 0TD/1INT/0PAT2.

Cristian Rojas: 7 carries, 17 yds.

Julian Rojas: 12 carries, 46yds, 1 reception 2 yds.

Aaron Evely: 5 carries, 9 yds.

Even though they didn’t have a good week this week, they tried and that's all that matters. Next week the Spartans play Croswell-Lexington. Good job, boys, and go Spartans and Cardinals!

Varsity Football Team Roster

(Co-Op with Imlay City)

Dryden Athletes:

Jacob Burgess

Jordan West

Coach Brian Tresnak

Varsity Sideline Cheer

Varsity Sideline Cheer Team Roster

(Co-Op with Imlay City)

Dryden Athletes:

Audrey Napolitano

Raeshell Richardson

Coach Lisa Glenn

Junior Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

JV Volleyball has had a busy week. On Tuesday the 7th, they won all three games vs Kingston. Some of the highest stats from the game were Lily Finnigan with 8 kills, Isabella Weier with 8 aces, and Olivia Stickler with 5 assists. On Thursday the 9th, they made their way to Caseville to win all three games. Two of the highest stats of the game were Ava DeVlamnick with 7 kills and Olivia Stickler with 6 assists. JV Volleyball also had a tournament at Peck this past Saturday in which they placed second overall! Great Job, Ladies!

Junior Varsity Volleyball Team Roster:

Aubrie Ledford

Ava DeVlaminck

Isabella Weier

Jade Insley

Jaylynn Delmotte

Kiera Miller

Kierstyn Stankevich

Lily Finnigan

Madison Maday

Makenzie Theobald

Mikayla Fleming

Monica Kucharski

Olivia Stickler

Sophia Peter

Coach Chris Schenkel

Junior Varsity Football

Junior Varsity Football Team Roster

(Co-Op with Imlay City)

Dryden Athletes:

Sonny Coscione

Michael Stickler

Joshua Harris

Owen Gall

Coach Bob Beebe

Junior High Volleyball

The Junior High Volleyball season opens with a game at Deckerville today! Good luck!

Junior High Volleyball Roster:

Kaitlynn Knuth

Chloe DeLoy

Brianna Snavely

Raghan Delong

Mckinley Gammon

Karley Phillips

Nevaeh Beiser

Coach Stacey Town

Junior High Cross Country

by Ava DeVlaminck

Junior High Cross Country did great this week! This was their first meet and they killed it! On the boys' side, Levi Fitchett ran 14:02, which locked him in 15th place. Unfortunately, no other runners from this team participated in this week's race. Congratulations to Levi and way to represent Dryden!

Junior High Cross Country Team Roster:

Caila Fitchett

Levi Fitchett

Coach Kory Lohrmann

Junior High Sideline Cheer

Junior High Sideline Cheer Team Roster

(Co-Op with Imlay City)

Dryden Athlete:

Karlie Harris

Junior High Football

Junior High Football Team Roster

(Co-Op with Imlay City)

Dryden Athletes:

Jared Taylor

Rowan Handley

Coach Steve Lestage

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Monday, September 13

Junior High Volleyball @ Deckerville - Bus departs @ 4:00 pm, 7/8 grade game @ 6:00 pm

Monthly School Board Meeting - High School Library

Tuesday, September 14

JV/Varsity Volleyball @ OG - Bus departs @ 4:00 pm, JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

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Junior High Volleyball vs Akron @ 6:00 pm

Athletic Boosters Meeting - Virtual

Thursday, September 16

Parent & Student Information Meeting - Class Trip Washington, DC - Library

JV/Varsity Girls Volleyball vs Mayville - JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Friday, September 17

Varsity Football vs Cros-Lex @ Imlay City vs Cros-Lex, game at 7:00 pm

Saturday, September 18

Junior High Cross Country @ Holly (Springfield Oaks County Park - Davisburg) - boys @ 8:00 am, girls at 8:20 am

Varsity Cross Country @ Holly (Springfield Oaks County Park -Davisburg) - Girls @ 8:45 am, Boys @ 10:20 am

Washington, D.C. Trip Meeting

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