Oneida tribe

People of the standing stone

Past History

They lived in network. But they were forced to move to Wisconsin. some still live in New York . most lived in Wisconsin.

Present History

The Oneidas live in the New York State. some Oneidas live there but not all of them because they were forced to move to Wisconsin ,Ontario, and canada.


Men wore breach with leggings. And iregous.

Women wore skirts and shorter leggings. And often ponchos.


Long house built with sheets of elm bark, large wood frame, up to 100 feet long, housed a whole clan that held about 60 people.


Bows and arrows,spears,fishing pole,clubs,shield.


They threw darts through moving hoops and they hunted and fished.

Interesting Facts

1. The most important instruments were the drum and flutes.

2. They do lots of arts and crafted.

3. Story telling is very important to the Oneida tribe.