Wanted silver

prize $1,000,000,000,00.

Why do we need Silver?

Silver is important because there many things that are made up of silver or that have silver in it . Some examples are silverware, cell phones, radios, silver jewelry, trays, dishes.Silver has always been used in Coinage since the earliest age.Silver is important because we use it in our daily life. It is also rare, this is because you can find more gold above the ground then silver.


This name is related to the German word silver and the Dutch word zilfer. But in the earlier time people named it Luna in Latin.This means moon "bright cluster".Also no one knows who found Silver we just know that it was found in the ancient times. Around 3400 B.C. humans learned how to extract silver from its ores in Egypt. Other wise in India there are records of it being used in 900 B.C.

What does silver look like?

Silver is a shiny solid at room temperate that is mostly gray,but sometimes close to black.
  • salt metathesis of silver nitrate and sodium chloride is one compound
Salt Metathesis of Silver Nitrate and Sodium Chloride