World War II the right fight

Author Chris lynch


This book tells you what it's like to be a soldier in WWII. The soldier in our story his name is Roman. When he found out his country got put on a hit list, he left to go join the US Army. WWII begun he went to war against the Nazis and helped his country fight. The war had just begun when Roman found out his country was in trouble. He left to fight against the Nazis. This was a very bad time in U.S history there were thousands of innocent lives killed because of WWII. There were lots of destruction and damage. After the war left, there were lots of bad things like Hitler trying to take over Jewish people in concentration camps and starve them and treat them really bad and work them until they died.


The theme of this story is WWII when a soldier named Roman left his country to go to war. When one day Roman found out his country was on a hit list he left his family and friends to go to war to fight for his country. He had a really rough time in war because there were people shooting at him and bombs and all sorts of stuff that could kill anybody at anytime.

Historical fiction

This story is based on WWII a real rough war when country's collided. And is was a very brutal war it was a very rough time for a lot of soldiers. For the U.S it was very rough time because they had to make so much weapons for the war. The mayor of each state made people leave their junk and table scraps to make weapons for the war to stop hitler and his army.

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