Fabulous Fourth Grade News

Mrs. DeCocq's Class Friday, April 29, 2016

Upcoming Events

*Wednesday, May 11: Early Release Day, Dismiss @ 2:55,

This is our last early release for the school year.

*Thursday and Friday, May 12-13: 4th Grade Trip to Camp Tecumseh

*Friday, May 20: Hazel Dell May Day Celebration

*Friday, May 27: Field Day

*Monday, May 30: Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL

*Tuesday, May 31: Awards Program for Grades 3 and 4 @ 2:00 p.m.

*Wednesday, June 1: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Camp Tecumseh News

*Today the students received their packing list for Camp Tecumseh (in their RED folder). Please note that we usually request that the students wear long pants to prevent issues with poison ivy. However, if it is warm outside, students will be allowed to wear shorts at camp on both Friday and Saturday.

*When you are packing, it is a good idea to label all of the items with your student's name. All bedding should be packed in a large, black trash bag that is labeled with your student's name. If you are able fit his or her duffel bag in the trash back, that's great! If not, the duffel or small suitcase may be brought separately. It is a good idea for you to pack a separate trash bag for your student to repack his or her items on Friday morning.

*If the parent of a student is attending camp, he or she may bring all luggage (the parent's and the student's) in the car that is driven. If a student's parent is not attending, items will be left on the grassy area outside the art room as students arrive at school, and will then be loaded into the luggage bus before we leave. Parents, if you are not attending camp, it still might be a good idea to bring your student to school the morning of May 12.

*If you have indicated that your child needs medication at camp, and you will not be attending with us, please bring that medicine to school 3 days prior to our trip or before (by Monday, May 9). If you are not attending camp, I will administer your child's medicine to him or her at the proper time.

*Students are bringing a notice home to parents who are attending which concerns the morning we leave for camp. Parents are asked to come to the library by 8:00 a.m. the morning of May 12th to sign in and pick up name tags. After that, parents will report to the min-theater for a quick meeting to go over last minute details.

Hawk-a-Mania Raffle Basket Donations

Please don't forget that we are collecting donations in our classroom for our Hawk-a-Mania Basket. The theme of our basket is Chocolate Lover's Dream. Thank you to those who have already donated. If you haven't had a chance to pick something up, here is a list of items you might like to consider:

fancy chocolates, boxed chocolates, chocolate bars, hot chocolate mix, chocolate flavored coffee, chocolate chips, brownie mixes, chocolate fudge, chocolate candy of any kind, chocolate covered raisins, dark, white, or milk chocolate, chocolate cover pretzels, chocolate cookies, Tootsie Rolls, chocolate cookie or cake mixes.

What We've Been Up To!

Language Arts: Wonder

The students are enjoying the novel Wonder on their own, in pairs, in small groups, and as a whole class. We have been working to understand the feelings of our main character, August, who is a student with facial differences along with the other characters he encounters. We have discussed how the other characters react to August and what we would do in that situation. The book Wonder helps the students to work on understanding such literary elements as theme, conflict, and characterization. It also addresses several life skills that are important for students to practice.

Writing: Fractured Fairy Tales

We have been working with Fairy Tales and how we can adjust them by changing a character, setting, or plot specifics to affect the story (sometimes with humor). We have created our own "new and improved" fractured fairy tales which we are now publishing in our Young Author Books.


Mrs DeCocq and Mrs. Badgett Math Classes:

Unit 11, 3-D Shapes, Weight and Capacity and Unit 12, Rates

Mrs. Boos Math Class:

Unit 10, Using Data, Algebra Concepts and Skills


The students are excited to start their PLTW Module 2: Energy, Conversions.

Within this module we will learn about different types of energy and the conversion of energy from one form to another. After we explore energy conversion and transfer the students will be presented with a design problem involving moving large amounts of donated food from a truck to a food pantry. Again the students will work with a variety of hands on materials along with the VEX Construction Kits.

High Flying Hawks