Reading Reflection

For Mrs. Kysar's class


In this book the author, Scott Westerfeild, uses the point of view of 2 different characters to convey the story. It begins when prince Aleksander is taken from his home after the assassination of his archduke father as well as his mother. He ends up hiding in the Alps to outlast the when the airship the leviathan is shot down and he sneaks out to help. By doing this he is sucked into the war and must protect his secrets.

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The second book in the leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeild, Prince Aleksander escapes the leviathan into constanople and falls into a revolution against the Germans who are now practically controlling the city. Meanwhile Midshipman Dylan sharp must conduct a secret mission for the leviathan to assist in the siege of the city in a month. After his whole squad is either captured or killed, he seeks out Alek to assist him his endeavors.

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Ranger's Apprentice: Book 10 The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

In this book by John Flanagan, the series comes to a happy end, but not without a fight from the characters. When the knight Horace is sent to a foreign country to study combat techniques, he is sucked into a war that is not his but he feels he must fight. People are trying to overthrow the emperor and when they do they are forced into the mountains. By then all the soldiers they have are a few samurai and hundreds of farming men loyal to the emperor. It always a constant struggle to shave the emperor and get him back on the throne.

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