Flowers for Algernon

Daniel Keys


Charlie is a mentally handicapped man who is eager to learn! He attended a school for special need people. Until a few people from college came and had them all take test to see who was the smartest! Charlie won, therefore they were going to take him and perform an operation on his brain. The operation went well and was slowly becoming smarter but now he is told there could be horrible side effects! Will Charlie be able to fight through it or will he break down and possibly not survive?

Why someone should read this book?

1.) It teaches you to be grateful for how smart you are

2.) It has such a good story to it

3.) It could be interesting

4.) It kind of tests your brain

5.) It shows you how some people are and can't even control it!

Algernon is a mouse

This is kind of how I pictures Charlie

Charlie raced against Algernon in mazes