Chamberlain's Senior Bulletin

Vol 2

No one chose anyone to mentor. Really?

"Each student is only one caring adult away from becoming a success story."

Last edition, I made a call to arms for mentors for our seniors. No one stepped up. That's right, and sad, no one signed up for one of them. We have to change this! I am reattaching the google doc and I beg of you to select a kiddo or two that you have a relationship w to check in on, harass if need be, chat about their weekend with, get the point. I'm not asking for you to personally sign on for their imminent graduation. I am asking that you let them know how much you care.

See the google doc below and choose at LEAST ONE kid to care about and reach out to.



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The Reach Higher Event

Our kids were SOOOOOO GOOD! I mean like the best in the city! And I am not biased! They were participatory, grateful, well-mannered, and took care of one another. They also pointed out how poorly the other schools kids were behaving! lol.

Each student received a #reachhigher gray bracelet and they stood in unison, all 2600 of them, and pledged to graduate on time. They vowed to not allow one another to fail or to bring anyone else down. It was a powerful event!


Check Your Emails for the Senior Documentation Log Sheet

I will be uploading to the teachshare drive and emailing you a Senior Documentation Sheet. Please keep it in your documents and continue to add to to it each time you make a contact with the parent/guardian, the students, myself, counselors, etc.

Each Spring, district officials ask us for ALL documentation (as in everyone who has had contact with them) related to our interactions and interventions with students. They don't offer us a whole lot of turn around time on this. As such, I am requesting that this sheet be updated for your students and your contacts (from them to parents (reqd if failing) and your contacts with us about them (admin, guidance, etc). This needs to be updated as you go along and I will be requesting it at each marking period (interim and quarter).

NO, you are not documenting every single kid. Only those you deem at risk of becoming a non-grad bc of your class, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation with this ahead of time :)


Principal Nadia Lopez: The impact of Humans of New York

Unsung Senior Heroes!


Sean Gentry, Carrie Ebright, Jessica Buscemi, Joy Hotstetler and Amy White for sitting in the blistering heat at the REACH HIGHER Event. You guys rock! Way to support the kids!

Lisa O and Jim Murray for our awesome Homecoming festivities! Thanks guys!


I chose the background picture deliberately this time. It is the hustle and bustle of life. I think it is representative of the theme of this edition. We cannot get so bogged down with the requirements of educating that we forget who we are educating. I get it. I have been chained to my desk with administrivia and I hate it. But WE (admins included) cannot forget that our primary consumer, customer, audience is kids. Some of them come prepared and ready to learn, they are easy to love and make our jobs easier. Others, come angry and lost and confused and make it hard to love them and hard to help them. Sadly, it is those that we find it the hardest to love that, in fact, need our love the most.