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Jellyfish live all over in world. "Also most jellyfish live in upper waters or the surface of the oceans"(Fetzer 18). All jellyfish live in water, they cannot survive on land.

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"Jellyfish swim by expanding their body like an umbrella and then shutting it, this squeezes water out and makes them shoot upward."(World Book) "Jellyfish have 4 arms that dangle under it." "Their long tentacles dangle around the edges of the body. The tentacles can get up to 100ft." (World Book Kids)
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Body Covering

"Jellyfish are filled and covered with a jelly like substance that helps them keep their shape and stay floating and they have a leathery texture." (World Book Kids) A Jellyfish is a invertebrate, it has no hair and "dose not shed." (See L)
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"Jellyfish catch their pray with the acid in their sting cells on their tentacle's, then the pray is carried into their mouths."(See L) "Jellyfish eat, other jellyfish, zooplankton, larvae, and whatever their tentacles can reach." (Dickerson, Shina)
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"Jellyfish reproduce sexually by giving off sperm or eggs into the water making planula. The planula latches onto the bottom of rocks and forms into different stages of the jellyfish life cycle." (Brennan1)
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Jellyfish have very few predators. "They are usually eaten when they are dead." (Brennan18)

Some special behavior a Jellyfish has is that it can sting its enemy. "Jellyfish also light up to scare a predator away. It also makes the Jelly look like a bigger intimidating fish." (Brennan 20, 22)

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Other Info

  • "Jellyfish have thousands of sting cells"(Brennan 6)
  • "The Sea wasp jellyfish has the strongest sting"(Brennan 34)
  • "The largest Jelly is the Lions mane
  • The Lions mane jelly's tentacles can extend 130 feet"(Brennan 36)
  • "Jellyfish have no blood so they are both cold and warm blooded"(World book)

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