Five Year Plan

Mapping out your future!!!

Step One: Vision

"Nothing happens unless we dream" Carl Sandburg.

Task Develop a vision board for your dreams.

Step Two: Identify 3-5 tangible steps

What are 3-5 things you can do to move closer to your dreams over the next five years.

Step Three: Research

Task: Research each step using 3-5 references.

For example, if you say "be a doctor", you need to research specific colleges, programs, requirements for acceptance, and what courses you would need to take to become a doctor. You could research 1 doctor and what they did to become successful. You could research different types of professions within the medical field that a M.D. would work towards.

Step Four: Create a Plan

Activity: Using your research, identify where you will be in five years and going backwards, list every action you will take to get to that point (year 5, year 4, year 3, year 2, and year 1).

Step Five: Create a power point or prezi


Create a power point that includes the following:

1. Your vision statement (or dreams)

2. Year 1 Slide (Actions to Take).

3. Year 2 Slide (Actions to take).

4. Year 3 Slide (Actions to take).

5. Year 4 Slide (Actions to take).

6. Year 5 Slide (Actions to take).

7. 3-5 slides on your research of your career or steps towards your dream.

8. References.

Step Six: Get Feedback

Share your presentation with one person from your field and use their feedback to make final revisions.