MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 4

13 September 2019

Staff Helping with ELL Activity

A big big GRACIAS to everyone during 3rd and 8th periods who helped my students with their Goosechase speaking assignment. Not only did you talk to them and were great supportive listeners but you did it all on video! You are all wonderful and very appreciated!

Berthalina Kinsel

Heather and Ashley

Shout out to Heather and Ashley - super amazing para's to have in my class. They are so great, super sweet and so good with the kiddos.

Shauna Rigli

NEP 1 & NEP 2 Teachers

Becky Bollman, Dillon Bohlander, Joel Nelson, Ashley Martin, Kim Colegrove, Pam Gibble & Sagel, Abby Hansen, Colleen Dowling, Eric Leeper, Tracy Schrieber, John Marquez, Jessica Monahan, Dave Derby, Jimmy Hock, Sara Williams, Robert Blair, Shauna Rigli, Amy Ramirez, Taryn DeStasio and Tay Fulcher... THANK YOU for going above and beyond with the differentiations, translations, constant communication and all the extra work that goes into working with a student that can understand very little English. You guys are amazing and I know the students are beyond grateful for all your support.

Berthalina Kinsel

Bob Gorman and Regan Mijares

Without your one-on-one help, two of our newcomers would not be more involved in school and playing soccer with our JV team right now. THANK YOU!

Berthalina Kinsel

Jared Martinez and BJ Clisham

Jared Martinez and BJ Clisham for being so welcoming and helpful my first few weeks by getting me things I needed for my classroom.

Shauna Rigli

Counselors and Shelley

It has been a few crazy weeks with so many new ELL students registering, testing and then needing a schedule change. You guys are such a pleasure to work with and always so helpful when dealing with the necessary adjustments. Thank you so much for all your support!!

Berthalina Kinsel

Shyann and Janette

Shyann and Janette for making me feel welcome. Asking questions to get to know me and always a friendly face.

Shauna Rigli


Greg Clark

Greg Clark for the technology help and getting a computer up and running in my classroom. Is always super helpful and eager to help.

Shauna Rigli

David Evans

Thank you, David Evans, for sharing your tech expertise to help me adapt music to help our students be successful! I appreciate your team-approach :)

Danielle Johnson

Ryan Jacobs

Every time a student comes in for help or to ask a question, you are kind, compassionate, and patient. I'm lucky to have a row buddy who clearly loves what he does and is such a professional, and MR is lucky to have you on board!

Sara Williams

Jason Matthies

Huge shout-out to Jason Matthies for all his help with tracking down new students to get them tested for language proficiency. You have been a tremendous help and I cannot fully express how much I appreciate your support!

Berthalina Kinsel

Lyle Monzyk

Thank you for being a patient, kind, and oh-so-knowledgeable provider for our shared student. You make me feel confident and supported!

Sara Williams

Megan Vanhoutte

Thank you, Megan Vanhoutte for helping out a student who had a ripped backpack and limited funds to replace it. He left my class greatly relieved and happy on Thursday. I appreciate how you are always there for students, and teachers, with your unique ability to listen and be supportive.

Kim Colegrove

Bryan Webb

Bryan Webb for the help and support with a student and then checking in and following up.

Shauna Rigli

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